Sheriff Joe Launches Into Obama’s Birth Certificate – Again

July 6, 2015

Sheriff_Joe_ArpaioIn a radio interview broadcast Sunday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio affirmed he is “pretty well convinced” President Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” stated Arpaio. “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced it’s a fake document.”

The famous sheriff was being interviewed for “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s NewsTalk 990 AM.

  • Why do you think the Kenyan Muslim Homosexual keeps his Records SEALED? Certainly is not because of bad grades, but because opening them would send this Fake SOB to Prison and Execution, and he should be Executed for his treachery! It will be such a wonderful day the day that Obama’s obituary goes to print! I pray it is soon and I will dance in the street the day he dies, as a celebration of the Death of a 3rd World Tyrant!

  • ICDB

    1. The hospital designated on the B.C. did not exist until 1972.
    2. Show his father 25. Means he was born 1936. Obama says he was born in Kenya no way Kenya didn’t exist in 1936. Also he brags about how his dad was WWII Hero no way at age 4 – 8. There are other discrepancy’s too.

  • Karinetta1

    Sheriff Joe, perhaps the evidence collected about the fraud ought to be forwarded to the Legislative Branch

  • KenRad

    Go get ’em Sheriff Joe. I have 8 pages of evidence that I collected from Sheriff Joe and others.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Thank you Sheriff Joe! Now how to force him out???

  • whoisshe?


  • Who the f*ck cares what this “expert” thinks? Maybe he’s also convinced that we never landed on the moon or the Holocaust never happened. Maybe he and Ahmadinejad should get together and form a posse. This guy should shut up already and just be a “sheriff”.

    • Kent2012

      now that your boy is in the oral office and got his healthcare destruction act passed by the democrapo scum in the Senate and the lezzy commies in the supremo courto have supported the rape of the American taxpayer, you are eligible for a free gender reassignment surgery…yea yea…you can trade in your worn out hot dog for a brand spanking new taco….and the taxpayers will pay for birth control pills…you go girl….

      • Huh? Did you write this 5 years ago and you just keep regurgitating it? Anything new pass between your ears in last year or 2? Geez, what a bore you are!

        • Karinetta1

          You are projecting your own borishness and boorishness unto others, gal.

          • More inconsequential and meaningless drivel from the old biddy….

            More please. We await every pearl that drops from your keyboard.

    • Karinetta1

      Stupid is as stupid does, I Seigel. You had better shut up instead of polluting the paper with your ilk.

    • Sounds like you have drank too much Obama Vomit and are on the verge of ODing on your Leftist Puke! What a retard you just proved yourself to be! I bet you voted for the Homosexual Muslim twice, didn’t you? If you voted for him Twice, you definitely prove your even too stupid to argue with!

      • Oooh, lots and lots of colorful adjectives!! Nice! From a 13-year-old, I’ll bet. You’d be better off playing Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. You’ve fried all your brain cells. Run along back to your mommy’s basement.

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          • Not insulted. Just laughing at you! Go play Steven Segal somewhere else, girlie man. Watch out you don’t shoot yourself in the balls again. I’ll bet it stung a little the first time.

          • Do you have anything to add, any argument or discussion on the subject besides your childish comments? Most Leftist, like yourself, are not intelligent enough to argue any Facts because they don’t have any facts to back them up, only lies and BS. Only way a Leftist can win an argument is with LIES, and that is NOT winning, that is only proving that they are LIV’s! I doubt if you can even name our VP, as most Lefty can’t! Do you know how many states America actually has? Do you know even who your daddy is? Have you seen Obama’s records? His real BC? Or are you just being a typical Leftist Twat and lying as usual? You never answered my question about serving in our military, so it is apparent you never had the balls, too much of a coward and too lazy and wimpy. Any old soldier could take a coward, like yourself, and kick their punk butts without raising a sweat. You probably pee your panties even looking at a big bad gun! Does it send tingles up your leg? Now, go back to licking up your Kenyan Queers vomit, your really good at it.

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          • So, your only being a Leftist Queer Troll, only coming on here to, as your idol, the 3rd World Muslim Monkey, Obama, once said, “act stupidly”? Well, with that, you have succeeded!

          • Yeah, Nitwhit, whatever. Booooooring.

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          • LOL! You crack you up, Girlie Man! One ball less than a full sack, eh?

  • Jim
    • JACK3889

      He didn’t drop it. It has been an ongoing open investigation from day one. Even before the phony computer generated BC was released. When BO was born computers didn’t exist. No typewriter ever could produce perfect letters as these are here.

      • Richard Schwartz

        Why did the lady who verified birth certificate died in a plane crash? Reminds me of the Clintons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • JACK3889

          Kadi? She got out of the plane alive apparently uninjured and being helped to get to shore by a male survivor, but suddenly went limp dead. Appears they must have also poisoned her to be certain she couldn’t testify.
          There is an Indonesian cult in many cities around the country. She supposedly belonged to the one in Seattle. See how the pieces fit once you get enough of them? There’s one in Chicago too. Joe, Mike Zullo, and the posse have it all. Even select members of congress have been briefed by Mike more than once.

  • Lorene B

    Well, do something about it, Joe!

    • Luke

      It takes a few good men to stand up for what is right, I guess you’re not going to help..

  • chris berrian

    Yes we were duped..
    having a fake as a comander has devided this country far beyond us true Americans ever imagined.

  • Dudley DoRight.

    Military coup now! Put Brokeback 0bama in GITMO.


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