South Carolina Senate votes to remove Confederate flag from Capitol grounds

July 7, 2015

AP_784699291202_c0-97-1460-948_s561x327The South Carolina Senate voted 37-3 on Monday to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds.

Monday’s vote does not mean that the flag will be removed immediately. It is the second of three votes required in the Senate before the bill is sent to the South Carolina House.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has voiced support for removing the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds in the wake of last month’s church shootings in Charleston.

  • jdbixii

    Passing a law to remove the flag, a symbol of historical reality with respect to a government and its policies, will be much more effective than passing a law to remove the prejudice, hatred and personal feelings from the hearts and minds of people, Northern or Southern.
    If the cause is simply racial difference, the effect is prejudicial animosity, what is the solution? People are prejudiced against purity, prejudiced against impurity, prejudiced against variations of both, and think that the law is the reason. Liberal stupidity. Again, removing the symptom does nothing about the cause.

  • scott

    bunch of pansy as- liberal scumbags.all anti american scum are govt politicians and need to be hanged for treason and being kweer.

  • xingqin

    Removing the Confederate Flag from the capital will not remove its meaning nor history from the hearts of those who lost loved ones fighting for the rights of the South. This flag may be a symbol of slavery to a few but as a whole it is not about slavery and there is no one alive today who was a slave during the civil war. The people killed in SC were not killed because of the Confederate Flag but by an evil, disturbed individual, who used a pistol. instead of a match to do his dirty work. By comparison, one could say that our Country, our Constitution, and the American way of life has been attacked by an imposter, a racist, a socialist communist, and acts of treason have been made upon our nation. This imposter has created fraud, overstepped authority, created racial tension, and misused the power that he does not have a right to, as an attack upon this nation. His misuse of power has indirectly caused many deaths of several nationalities, and yet our Congress sits idle and allows this injustice to continue.
    We the people need to join together as one nation under God, and instead of taking away from the history of this great nation, we need to remove the source of the problems from the White House and our government. This flag is called Obama, and it is a sign of the fall of America. The tearing down and destruction of a great nation by one man and his puppets who have brought our nation much disgrace before our allies and rejoicing from our enemies. Dept that will bankrupt this nation, and un-affordable health care that will make the rich richer, the poor poorer and will bring the middle class into the lower class. Under this imposter’s watch we have seen our Country invaded by illegals, criminals released, our allies disgraced, family life on the verge of destruction, our Constitutional rights violated, the American flag trampled, and attacks toward the destruction of the Constitution and very fiber that has made this country great.
    We the people of all races need to join together to remove this flag of destruction from our country, from our white house, and to bury it. We need leadership that will allow this country to strengthen our Constitution and not fight to destroy it. We need to get rid of the non-christian who thinks he is a God and return to moral values, placing the Constitution of our forefathers designed with God as our supreme court and pattern our laws as such. We need to restore the rights won by MLK and continue to build upon that rather than wine over what others tell us is an injustice. We need to enforce our laws and instead of granting Amnesty, use our in place USCIS and NVC to process illegal immigrants who want to be part of the USA by being fair to those who came here legally and all who are waiting. We need to enforce our laws, protect our borders, and use our laws to remove people from society who misuse the gun and break our laws.
    We the people need to come together and to celebrate the fact that this country is the greatest nation in the world because of our strong belief in our Constitution, in God, and in each other.

  • Athanasios1

    Is there a Confederate flag flying over City Hall in Chicago? No? So I guess it is much more acceptable when minorities shoot minorities in a nice Democratic Party run City, County and State. Congratulations southern submissive idiots. You are now Dumocrats.

  • Andy Martin

    Too bad SC is caving to the “politically correct” leftist regime. Like it or not, that Confederate flag is a BIG part of our history, which (history) is NOT being taught correctly in our government run schools. That flag represents many things, and “racism” is not one of them! Many Blacks fought for the Confederacy against the Union for STATE’S RIGHTS. Slavery was NOT the main issue in that war! If history were taught as it actually WAS, then people would KNOW this!. All you Libs, Leftists, Socialists and anti-American asses, LEARN YOUR HISTORY, …..THEN GET A LIFE! They’re NICE!


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