Stuffed Animals and Juice Boxes: Georgetown Club Offers Safe Space for Trump Inauguration Protesters

January 19, 2017

Georgetown Safe SpaceConcerned that some of its students might suffer long-term emotional distress from prolonged proximity to Donald Trump’s inauguration, a club at Georgetown University is offering a restorative safe space with Legos, stuffed animals, juice boxes and snacks.

The event, called “Self-Care Night,” is sponsored by GUPride, the school’s LGBT organization, and is designed to help students who spend time protesting this weekend to reconnect with their “inner children,” and de-stress.

“Join GUPride for a night of relaxation, recovery, and rest after a long week,” an email invitation sent to Georgetown GUPride members states. “There will be Legos and stuffed animals and coloring books—come to embrace the inner child and hang out with people :)”

Despite being in the heart of the nation’s capitol, Georgetown does not appear to have any special Inauguration-related events planned for the weekend (students have Friday off). However, students from Georgetown plan to attend the massive “Women’s March” on Saturday.

  • Skip Plummer

    This is some amazing sh1t. I was totally unaware that this was what this country had come to.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Sounds like an f’n gov’t run pre-school; ONLY 3 year olds are smarter, saner and fairer!

  • justinwachin

    If the protestors want to be treated like children let’s take away their driver’s licenses and the ability to legally buy and drink alcohol. These protestors need to grow up and start acting like adults.

    Maybe it’s time to reinstitute the draft. It is clear these overgrown children have been coddled for too long by their parents. Nothing like two years in the Army to turn them into men and women. The military will crush their delicate snowflake personas in the first hour of basic training.

  • Rodney Steward

    I wonder if they furnish butt plugs and mouth rubbers for the queers, and I bet these safe places are not Drug free zones! Hey muslims, they’re gun free, they need wasting anyway!

  • John

    this is what happens when you allow your children to grow up without moral restraint of any kind, no discipline, no respect, no integrity, no values, no training in righteousness, if you think this generation is bad, wait for their idiot offspring to come along

    • Rodney Steward

      Might be a reason for planned parenthood hadn’t thought about their puppies!

    • Retired

      From Parents to our education system is the result.

  • John

    What a bunch of wusses mommy i can,t handle it wieners !!!!

  • itsfun

    Aren’t those the items given to kindergarten children every day. All they are missing is the little rug to nap on.

  • RB

    From Georgetown University’s home page: “we provide students with a world-class learning experience focused on educating the whole person through exposure to different faiths, cultures and beliefs.”
    Is the Georgetown University in this article the same one? Why must students be shielded from the peaceful transfer of power that this United States has enjoyed for well over 200 years?
    Legos, stuffed animals, juice boxes and snacks. Is this what college students who are being educated by “a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of global citizens to lead and make a difference in the world” really need?
    Maybe we should be calling this so called university Georgetown Preschool instead.

    • Harry J Schaubel

      Just heard last night that a school district in North Carolina is REQUIRING written permission from parents allowing their children to view the Inauguration in a school broadcast!!
      Also are not allowed to express any opinions about President Trump.
      I gave up on the Snowflake Tears mug. Now I carry a pail.

  • Ramon1710 .

    “Self-Care Night,” is sponsored by GUPride, the school’s LGBT organization, and is designed to help students who spend time protesting this weekend to reconnect with their “inner children,”

    Before the education system was corrupted by GUPride and their ilk, children weren’t being indoctrinated into abnormal sex with the lie that it was in any way normal. The above statement basically says they want to keep students minds in an infantile state, which can be manipulated, instead of developing independent thought, becoming adults. Adults – individuals who can maturely deal with not getting everything they want. Unlike Hoopi Goldberg, Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Michael Moore, Barry Soetoro, Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Van Jones, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, and other infamous children.

    • John

      other infamous illegitimate children. such as Bill, Barry. Check them out.


    This is just TOO freaking funny. Poor Little Precious Snowflakes. Let’s keep the HEAT on these PLPS so we can watch them melt right into the ground!!

  • Norman Fox

    I wonder what would happen if the draft were to be reinstated? Lets see. first I am sure that they would want special showers set up in the field, after all they have to have their precious pinks all nice and clean. after laying in the dirt and sweating all day, and ewe touching those greasy dirty bullets and weapons. Of course they will have to have happy face stickers and those children’s colorful bandages for when they get a scrape their precious bodies. YUK

    Guess they will want the enemy to play in their sand box too.

    • ARJAY

      Will they have flavored pacifiers, too? They have to suck on something!!

    • Harry J Schaubel

      The Enemy always has to play by their rules. Otherwise it’s not PC!!
      If there is a war here, you’ll have to dig them out of their Safe Places.
      Doesn’t it fill your heart with Pride knowing this is our Nations Future Leaders? One of the benefits of being old is I prolly won’t be around when they DO take over.

    • Rodney Steward

      Yeah, the enemy will be playing with their heads!

  • otoman

    There’s absolutely no way liberals will ever re-connect to their “inner-child”. They never have left their childhood in the first place! Liberals will NEVER grow up! They will always be childish! Their life will always be about them.


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