Supreme Court, immigration top concerns as early voting begins in Florida’s crucial I-4 corridor

by S.A. Miller - The Washington Times  |  published on October 25, 2016

Florida Early VotingORLANDO, Fla. — Donald Trump’s backers are responding to his complaints about illegal immigration, Hillary Clinton’s backers say Mr. Trump is unfit for office — and voters on both sides say the Supreme Court is of paramount importance as early voting began Monday in this crucial battleground state.

Edwardo Arenas emerged from the polling place and rattled off a list of reasons why he voted for Mr. Trump. The Supreme Court topped the list, as he looked to Mr. Trump to nominate conservative justices who would protect the Second Amendment and other liberties.

He also got riled up about illegal immigration, which has been the cornerstone of the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign.

“You have to protect your borders,” said the 50-year-old truck driver of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent. “I don’t know what people don’t understand about ‘illegal.’ You don’t have to bring all the poor people to your country. We all end up paying for them with higher taxes.”

“Americans first, and Americans means all U.S. citizens,” he said.

  • justinwachin

    People need to remember Donald Trump wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country; he is not opposed to legal immigrants. There are many ways for people to enter our country legally. Those ways are spelled out in law. Workers who enter the country through migrant worker programs have government agents that check in on them to make sure they are being paid the $10+ minimum wage. If the employer provides the housing the government makes sure the housing meets government standards.

    Everyone will do better with Donald Trump as president.

  • Linda

    America has been put last for the last 8 years , so we as Americans need to have a leader that will put America first. Immigration should stop completely until ISIS is completely wiped out. We need to watch all Muslims that are in this country and also get rid of all the drug cartels from South of the border. Drugs are killing our kids everyday and we need to protect them.

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