Suspended Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore responds to judicial ethics complaint

by Kent Faulk  |  published on June 22, 2016

Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore responded Tuesday to judicial ethics charges leveled last month by the state’s Judicial Inquiry Commission regarding an order he issued in opposition to gay marriage.

Moore, in his response, asks the Alabama Court of the Judiciary to dismiss the charges filed by JIC against him.

Moore had a deadline – extended to today – in which to respond to the JIC’s charges. which were brought May 6. The charges center on Moore’s alleged violation of judicial ethics when in January he advised probate judges in the state that the Alabama Supreme Court’s order from March 2015 telling them not to issue same-sex marriage licenses was still in effect, despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling three months later making same-sex marriage legal nationwide.

Now that Moore has responded the Alabama Court of the Judiciary will set a trial date to hear the charges.

  • I Seigel

    It’s becoming obvious that Texans are just blowhards. They talk big of seceding, but they never actually DO anything. Looks like Alabama should lead the way.

  • ch

    The Obama administration has violated the Constitution at every turn. The Constitution does not give gays the right to marry. Marriage is and always has been between a man and a woman. Judge Moore got it right. I would like to see him on the Supreme Court as he goes by the Constitution.
    Good luck, you should be set free to be the good judge you have always been.

  • justinwachin

    Justice Moore should have been nominated to replace Antonin Scalia. Moore knows more about the Constitution than half of the current justices do.

    The Supreme Court got it wrong on the marriage ruling. The 10th amendment to the Constitution limits federal government to powers provided it by the Constitution. Marriage has always been a state issue. That’s why each state has its own laws governing marriage. The high court ignored the Constitution and pushed an activist agenda. Judges are supposed to follow the Constitution not the misguided musings of 9 judges who never give an account of their actions to the voters. Gay marriage is not in the Constitution.

    • HENRI


  • WhiteFalcon

    The states need to stand up and tell this moronic Federal Government where to get off. The Federal Government feels like they are kings and they can do whatever they want to with impunity. We, and the states, have let them get by with it for far to long. When the Government violates the Constitution, it is time to get a new Government, one that stays within the Constitution.

  • unbridled

    Good luck and God Bless Justice Moore….

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