Texas asks judge to rescind 108,000 three-year amnesties for Dreamers

September 6, 2015

More than 100,000 three-year deportation amnesties issued by Homeland Security should be rescinded and reissued as two-year permits, Texas and 25 other states suing the government told a federal judge Friday, as both sides try to clean up the messy situation surrounding President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

At stake are three-year permits issued to so-called Dreamers beginning last November, when Mr. Obama announced he was expanding his 2012 amnesty, including adding an extra year of protections from deportation to Dreamers who were already eligible for the program.

  • Denise ogrady

    Deport them all, send Oblowhole(Obama ) with them!

  • Charlie Jordan

    I agree with VirgoVince

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    Nothing will happen until the American people wake up and start demanding congress take action and vote the bums out, vote out the RHINOS and the democrats

  • tom2

    The magnitude of this mess rivals ObamaCare. Both are radical communist attempts to overthrow America’s constitutional republic system and replace it with an interim form of socialism. They’re intended to create irreversible chaos with colossal public service programs that also are available to illegal aliens. Democrats must have foreign voters to survive. Legal, controlled and complementary immigration are anathema to the democrat party. The democrat party needs impoverished voters who are dependent on democrat entitlements. Democrats cannot survive without these “train wrecks” that produce millions of democrat voters. Career politicians on both sides of the aisle have created their own brands of chaos and clearly, their actions are self serving. It’s the reason Trump is leading. People seem to trust him even though he’s inexperienced in government. People believe he’ll install knowledgeable professionals and armed with information they provide, make decisions that are good for the republic — instead of the machine.

    • Denise ogrady

      Totally agree!

  • TexRancher

    “Fruit of the poisonous tree”. If the parents are ILLEGAL, they have no right to impose their kids on us!

    We do more to better people’s lives throughout the world than all other countries combined, we certainly don’t have any obligation to ruin our country in the process!

    We have legally enacted laws governing immigration as well as laws against any form of invasion by foreign nationals, enforce it! Mexico does, so they have no right to make demands on us!

    Further, failure by Congress and the administration to enforce these laws constitutes violating their oath of office and they should be held responsible and prosecuted!

  • VirgoVince

    NO amnesty for ANY illegals for even 1 day, DEPORT them ALL!
    It’s been done before, it can be done again!

    • 7papa7

      Absolutely right. What part of illegal don’t they understand???


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