The 2015 election tightened the Republican stranglehold on state government

by Chris Cillizza  |  published on November 5, 2015

The 2015 election is over. (You may not have known it was even happening.) And it proved one thing: Republicans have an absolute stranglehold on governorships and state legislatures all across the country.


* With Matt Bevin’s win in Kentucky on Tuesday night, Republicans now hold 32 of the nation’s governorships — 64 percent of all the governors mansions in the country. (One race, in Louisiana, won’t be decided until next month. Democrats believe they have a good chance of winning that race against now-Sen. David Vitter.)

* Democrats’ failure to take over the Virginia state Senate means that Republicans still hold total control of 30 of the country’s 50 state legislatures (60 percent) and have total or split control of 38 of the 50 (76 percent.)

  • girls_mom

    Thank you voters of Kentucky and the voters of Virginia who did not relinquish a senate seat to the Progressive Democrats. Freedom is beginning to re-claim America from the despots!
    So much for the Progressives who keep trying to convince themselves the Tea Party is dead! Now is the time for all Conservatives to rallying around Article 5 of the Liberty Amendment.

    God Bless America!

  • albertbryson

    I am glad and proud that a Tea Party candidate won the governorship of Kentucky. It may be will finally reach an turning point and will succeed in saving our nation. Thank God.

  • Webb

    The Start Of The 2016 Election for Conservatives…
    * With Matt Bevin’s win in Kentucky*…One More Republican Governor!!
    Thank You, Kentucky!!

    • obama

      Just proves that Kentuckians are clueless. Confirms its a really bad place to live.

      • Webb

        Thanks, Obama…
        Understanding Your Dislike for Republicans…Expect nothing Less!!

      • Don

        Kentucky must have poor welfare payouts, huh?

        • obama

          No. Just very bad educational funding in the rural areas. A knowledgeable electorate doesn’t vote tea party

          • YoOleMe

            … that is unless, and until, they’ve gained the wisdom to process that “knowledge” with the reality visible around them sufficient to understand the flavor of academia’s BULLS_IT is not really the measure of true value!!!

    • YoOleMe

      GRRREEEAAATT!!! . . . NOW just find a RECALL REPLACEMENT for the McConnell/ Reid CLONE and we MAY be turning around from this ONE-WAY TRIP TO THE TRASH-PILE OF HISTORY!!!

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