Threat to L.A. schools show what it means to be terrorized

by LA Times  |  published on December 16, 2015

The email appears to have been a hoax, a mean-spirited effort to force more than a million people to change their patterns today out of fear.

No matter. Even though there appear to be no explosives-laden backpacks, no mysterious packages and no actual plan to harm children, the online threats that led to the closure Tuesday of every Los Angeles Unified school and preschool demonstrate for Angelenos what it means to be terrorized.

As Supt. Ramon Cortines noted, the district receives threats all the time. But with the San Bernardino shootings still a vivid memory, and with a somewhat more detailed threat in hand, district officials believed they had little choice but to close the schools. Had anything happened to a student or teacher, the horror would have been unspeakable, a wound from which it would be hard to recover. It’s easy to understand why the district erred on the side of safety.

  • Robert Early

    The RINOs are still the majority in the House. The corruption will continue until corrected by elections or revolution. The quicker way is by revolution and the hanging of Ryan along side of Obama. We could fix the problem in a single day, if we just would.

  • KDC

    THIS WAS A T E S T…is this a gun free zone ?

  • Hillaryoncrack

    Is this how we are going to live from here on out? With this sword of Damocles hanging over our head? We need to wipe these thugs out in their land, catch the ones here and either just kill them or send them back (and then kill them). We need a leader to form a real coalition, not an imagined one, with France, Britain and Germany and some Middle East countries, and wipe this scourge from the earth. If there is such a thing as a good Muslim, let them step up now and assist us. But first, we need that leader. Not the chump in the WH now and not the cuckold woman in the pants suit.

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