Trump-Scott? Could that be the ticket?

February 25, 2016

With Donald Trump continuing to storm through the Republican primary season — notching his latest victory in Tuesday’s Nevada caucuses — the political dartboard has now come out for figuring his vice presidential pick.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is on the list, at least according to today’s Washington Post.

Scott drew national attention last month when he wrote an Op-Ed for USA Today, praising Trump for “capturing the frustration of many Americans.”

In the piece headlined “Donald Trump has America’s pulse,” Scott said he didn’t plan to endorse a candidate before Florida’s March presidential primary. But Scott said he knows Trump personally and as a “man who speaks and tweets his mind freely.”

Susie Wiles, is a co-chair of Trump’s presidential campaign in Florida and also managed Scott’s 2010 run for governor.

  • rebapiper

    If rubio was a Republican the dems and Progressives would have torn Rubio to Shreds by now. Rubio is Black mailable, that makes him illegal to sit in the Senate and to Run for President.

  • Phyllis

    The last thing we need is a politician from Florida, Illinois, Calif, NY,Nev., as our VP. The rest of the country would like to have some reperesentation for a change.

  • Frak Lukasik

    Marco Rubio, President and Jeb Bush Vice President, would make the best combination. We need Gov. Scott to keep his job.

    • Phyllis

      Well, that imminent domain scenario in Fl against a disabled veteran and the purported 18 million owed in lawsuits to numerous residents there stemming from the Bush years in office doesn’t exactly warm the cockles of the hearts of American citizens. And the picture that immerged about bubble dancing by one of your fav candidates is not what I want to be president.

    • rebapiper

      RUBIO will full file obamas agenda, Watch for the Cuban immigrants to come the and all the illegals including game members and their families will take over our military. China,Russio and Castro must be laughing their butts off about the stupidity of the American people.
      Rubio the Gay Homosexual will turn our WH into one big Foam party with Romney & sons.Gowdy and all the other DC Cartel from both parties.

  • Frak Lukasik

    I forgot to mention that we don’t need an “Outsider” like Trump, we have an
    an “Outsider” President , “Community Organizer” Obama.

    • Phyllis

      We do NEED an outsider. Obama was about as big an insider as has ever run for office and that 130% vote he received in one county speaks volumes that he indeed was a political insider. The only thing Ob has accomplished is he is the first president to make J.Jackson look like a total fool after he got into office. Ob left the sinking ship to flounder on its own in Illinois.

    • Franie

      Are you kidding?? What we need is an OUTSIDER not beholding to the power stranglehold the democrats and Rinos have on this nation. Either Trump or Cruz would fill the bill!!

      • Ken says

        Cruz is a Professional Establishment Politician. He and his wife were mentored by the Bush Family. Get the picture???

      • Greg

        Frannie your 100% correct!! Rubio is a snake lying in the grass. He betrayed all of us on many issues. Then he back stabbed the man who got him elected. Lies about Cruz on immigration, the average voter never takes the time to look at people’s actions. They just hear words! Marco , ms Haley , Tim Scott, do whatever the establishment tell them to do!! Guy was never a constitutional conservative ! He duped all of us! The rising star of the Republican Party ! There so corrupt, and they are more afraid of Cruz then Trump!!

  • Todd Alfonsi

    What! Are you 80 years old or what? Don’t you know jeb is dead and doomed from the start?Rubio is a gay child politician, in no way smart enough to do the job he has,little alone be President!

    • Frak Lukasik

      86 years old and smart enough to recognize why we have a problem with your kind.

  • Frak Lukasik

    My suggestion is to have Marco Rubio for President and Jeb Bush,
    Vice President. Jeb had 8 years experience as Governor. We need Scott to govern Florida.

    • Randy K

      The hell with the country,we want to keep him here. You can’t get rid of Rubio that easily.


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