US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

July 2, 2015

Barack-Obama-_3361379bThe United States has blocked attempts by its Middle East allies to fly heavy weapons directly to the Kurds fighting Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, The Telegraph has learnt.

Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades.

They now say they are willing to “go it alone” in supplying heavy weapons to the Kurds, even if means defying the Iraqi authorities and their American backers, who demand all weapons be channelled through Baghdad.

  • Papabear Dilley

    Of course Obama, or should l say Obullshit, doesn’t want to send the kurds heavy weapons. They’re about the only ones over there that stand and fight. Hell, they even attack, and they win. The Kurds in Iraq have been persecuted for years. lf they had the means they would probably take over Iraq after taking out ISIS. l really hope the Arab countries tell Barry to stuff it and supply the Kurds directly on their own!

    • ijohnc1

      The Kurds are the only Islamic group to practice real Democracy, we never heard anything out of the areas controlled by the Kurds, until ISIS showed up, Turkey on the other hand is about 40% Kurdish, and fear if they are given heavy weapons and military equipment, they may clean more the an just ISIS’s clock but also Turkey’s
      Their goal is to restore their old Kurdistan nation before the break up of the Ottoman empire, where they were living in a Democracy, very unusual for that area of Muslim territory.
      But the narcissistic in the whitehouse aligns with the Shiites, and the Muslim brotherhood also predominantly Shiite.
      So the guy occupying our whitehouse will not lift a finger to help the Kurds

  • tk-atty

    You know why Obama won’t send weapons to the Kurds because the truth is he doesn’t want ISIS to lose. He support Islamic supremacy, wear the shahada on his ring the first declaration of the Islamic faith, and has the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist organization working in our White House and rewriting our history books. We have open borders. Why? To allow any and all criminals, and terrorists to come here and attack us. I pray we can make it to the next election because every day he does something else to help destroy our Country and is ramping it up since the last two Supreme Court rulings. Roberts, Kagin, and Ginsburg should be impeached. He must have something over Roberts head, and Ginsburg married a gay couple and Kagin wrote a paper in support of gay marriage, as Judges they are to be unbiased or are to recuse themselves from a case they cannot be fair or impartial in. They did not do so.

  • mjmaf

    Gee – if I were a non-compliant General or a President who actually cared about securing safety and security of the American people, there would be weapon airdrops right on the Kurds’ steps with “advisors” to show them how to hit the ISIS-eye. Kurdish women shoot ISIS dead – the ISIS idiots go to hell! At least that’s what they believe after all those years of being brainwashed from birth. come on – send them the guns, and bazookas, RPG’s, and other things that go Boom!!

  • empty pockets

    Because “winning” is not part of Barry’s strategy. He has one contrary to what he says. He just can’t admit what it is…not even now…not yet.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Kurds fight and Iraq troops pull an Obama bug out!!!!! When Iraqi troops left weapons why weren’t they destroyed? Who are the true allies?

  • rhondareichel

    We made Iran stop killing ISIS too?
    why are we protecting ISIS?

    • CharlieSeattle

      Obama wants to support the islamic caliphate.

  • don

    hell can not claim this mad dog soon enought

  • ijohnc1

    The Shite in the whitehouse does it again, and our congress with few exceptions sit idly by.
    Who knew when running for office last year we would elect people so socialistic and devoid of any morals at all, the time has come to lock and load.
    “Every few years the people need to rebel against their government, to keep them in check”…George Washington

    • rhondareichel

      Looks more like the SUNNI

      • ijohnc1

        Actually Valarie Jarrett the ventriloquist that operates the dummy, parents still reside in Iran, which is mostly Shia or Shiite.
        Iran is funding and supplying ISIS, no real surprise there.

    • Joe Are Hintz

      On your side, bud!!!But being the AMERICAN antagonist I live to be… I spell it SHITeye!!!

    • unique201

      The Shite in the White House.
      Next time drop the “E” from Shite.

  • Carla Cox

    Good job Arab Allies! Send the weapons, wipe out ISIS! and the hell with what Obamination thinks!

  • larry

    should hang for treason and so should a lot of elected people past and present

  • AmericanJones

    Author, please correct your statements referring to America vs Obama and his corrupt MB executive branch, for they are not representing the same ideals. American people want to crush IS, but Obama is in bed with them and stops every effort, here and abroad, to defeat them. In my opinion, Obama is a MB/IS supporter and should be detained & arrested for terrorism. He does not speak for nor represent the majority of The People of this country.

    • Patriot Girl

      Amen to that! I’ve been saying this forever and find it amazing that repubs could get so worked up about slick willies Monica romps and impeach him, but not this obvious terrorist loving muslim who wasn’t even vetted and got in the White House where he harbors MB, encourages CAIR in their nepharious anti American acts etc. It’s obvious he is on ISIS side as well as iran and is a rabid anti semite! All the lawlessness since his election is legend .. Nixon was tossed out for way less much less and look at the difference in how obola is coddled! This generation of congress are terrified of being called racists if they impeach! Afraid of big democrap dog turning the unwashed masses against them possibly sparking race war over this POS BARRY SOTERO!! It’s a disgrace!!

      • Joe Are Hintz

        Read the Bible…GOD is a ‘racist’ by NWO standards!!!!!!

        • AmericanJones

          Hate to burst yer bubble, Joe. The bible is a book, written decades after the events it depicts. It has been translated over the years, lending to human errors. It was heavily edited to suit the Roman Catholic whims. Hell, even libraries can’t decide if it should be cataloged in the fiction or non-fiction section. In my opinion, it’s a thought provoking story about an ideal that desperate people cling to.


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