Utah school won’t discipline teacher who assigned terrorist propaganda poster

by Corey Fedde  |  published on November 21, 2015

Utah’s Salem Junior High School released an apology Thursday for an assignment in which students were asked to create propaganda for terrorist groups like the Islamic State militant group, which is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 130 people in a series of terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

A first year teacher assigned the task to about 60 ninth-graders with an assignment worksheet explaining that the project was designed “to help students understand the goals of terrorist groups and the methods they use to gain support.”

Parents of the students complained to the school board, which was not aware of the assignment. School officials have said the assignment was not approved by the school and not part of the approved curriculum.

  • Faithful American

    Another BAD result of a another TEACHER who was REARED in the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM under the so-called “National Education Association”, with SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/MARXIST school teachers, AND also REARED underneath SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST/MARXIST university professors!

  • Chris Rasmussen

    The teacher told her students that anyone uncomfortable with the assignment could opt out. She further stated that she wanted the students to understand that propaganda can be misleading and wrong. Why on earth would anyone possessing the barest of critical thinking skills have a problem with that?

  • billwhit

    That ignorant teacher needs to be met in the parking lot by a group of Vets and have the crap beat out of them! No Islam at all should be allowed within our schools, much less our Nation! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and Allah is nothing more than Satan, the Fallen Angel! That is why there is so much perversion and atrocities within Islam, it is led by Satan/Allah!

  • tom2

    So much for the “public” part of the school’s name.

  • dbreed50@yahoo.com

    If the School Board won’t take action, fire them. Several options: Petition and have a Recall vote; vote them out at the next election; or enmasse refuse to pay the school tax while this person and now this board still have their jobs.

  • rmagnano

    There are more & better and ways of teaching approaches to achieve knowledge. As an example Sex education was proposed to teach adolescents
    how and why to avoid sex not promote it.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    If this teacher wants to promote things like this then send him/her to Syria or Iraq to join ISIS.

  • Thomas Goss


  • GrizzMann

    Another example of the state establishing a religion? Isn’t that against the Constitution?

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