October 18, 2015

Earlier this year, after racist terrorist Dylann Storm Roof was charged with shooting nine black people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, the media and Democrats across the nation embarked on a crusade to wipe the Confederate flag from society.

One of the crusaders, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, decided to get rid of license plates containing the Confederate flag altogether and informed those with such license plates that they had until October to hand the license plates over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Those found driving with the plates will be charged with a misdemeanor.

  • Michael Hazel

    Ex-post facto laws became illegal because they were unjust. They are still not just no matter the cause.

  • Cowardly Leftist Twats do this type of Insane Idiocy, like banning part of our History! Pathetic! I never owned anything with a Confederate Symbol on it until the Leftist Loons got diarrhea over it, so now I buy anything and everything with the Confederate Symbol on it! Only good the Left does is to sell things, like when the Kenyan Sodomy Queen, Hussein Obama, talked about taking our weapons, he has not been awarded Gun Salesman of the Year award seven times! That is fantastic! I only had a couple of can shooters, now I have an entire Armory, lol, and I only have the Gay Homosexual Muslim Boy, Hussein Obama, to thank for that, lol! Be a good day for our Nation and the World when the morning headline is Obama’s obituary!

  • GenEarly

    The War of Southern Independence, aka Civil War, had been over for 150 years, but now thanks to the DemocRat ProgreSSives and Chamberpot Quisling Repubs like Nikey Haley in SC, it has been reignited.
    The Confederate flag once relegated to reenactments and an almost forgotten tv sitcom, Dukes of Hazard, has been reborn all across the South. Southerners knew the “flag” was just an excuse, statues and graves are now in the process of being removed.
    The West Point graduates who fought the war wisely came together at the war’s conclusion to prevent guerrilla warfare. Generals on both sides understood the dangers and arranged amicable and honorable surrenders.
    Now this propaganda pogrom run by the Obamy is just another divisive tactic to create strife where there was none. More chilling is the thought the flag attacks are a dry run on public acceptance of a propaganda war.
    The 2nd Amendment War hasn’t even begun in earnest, just political skirmishes so far, but you just know it’s coming. Hilarity makes it a major feature of her campaign, and Obamy ain’t done yet either. CYA.

  • fedup

    This is the democratic way. They want to take away all of our rights. They want to ban guns and now Va. is leadig the way to take away our freedom of speech.

  • Pam

    Let’s call a spade a spade. That kid is not a racist terrorist, he is NOTHING MORE THAN A NUT JOB who saw other NUT JOBS getting attention. Giving him (and them) big, scary titles just adds to their delusions and the possibility of more copycats.
    There should be NO PHOTOS SHOWN, NO MENTION OF THEIR NAMES, NO RE-PRINTING OF THEIR “MANIFESTOS”. That is just the lib/prog way of making SURE IT HAPPENS AGAIN to boost their ratings.
    if these NUT JOBS live through their attacks, they should be found guilty and not by reason of insanity. they were sane enough to pick “gun-free (target-on-their-backs) zones” or places where they would get noticed. Then bring back the death penalty in all 50 states. A criminal on whom the death penalty is carried out cannot re-offend.

    • Smitch

      Hell if found guilty execute the lump of crap. However do a live television feed and pay-per-view it. I would pay $100.00 and friend and family over for an executuion party!

  • Ron Warren

    Those plates are the personal property of the people who legally purchased them. The State of Virginia could issue replacements but should not confiscate the ones originally purchased. The originals might now be considered “collector’s items.”

    • PC Bob

      And, someday, when (IF?) America ever regains it’s sanity, they may be allowed to display them on their vehicles again! When the libs and Progs get through rewriting our national history!

      • Never, this is an all or nothing war we haven’t even recognized as such. Until the American public realize what the hell is being done to them by the elites and media, they will gleefully be obfuscated into UN controlled serfdom.

        • joe

          Unfortunately for the U.S.A., it is the voting public who control what “government” does in the realm of PC, at least and it is that voting bloc that is all about PC.
          Take them off of their welfare and make them work for their livelihood and things will change.


      Thousand up-votes! The goobermint just created millions of brand new “must-have” keepsakes!

  • TexRancher

    As a former resident of the Commonwealth, I thought higher of the State government than this! The State sold those plates with the permission of The People. Now they want to reverse that agreement without allowing the people to have a voice in that decision! The many controlled by the few!

    It’s time for the people to speak out! After all, who works for whom? Or does the State government now work only for a chosen few like the liberals and the ILLEGALS infesting Northern VA? Maybe VA. needs and example like we have in our Texas Governor!

  • VirgoVince

    VA (Virginia) DON’T let this happen, fight back and bury those pc garbage bags! DEFY, DENY and DEFUND EVERYTHING LIBERAL for the last 50 years!!


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