Vermont Residents Don’t Want To ‘Foot The Bill’ For Syrian Refugees

January 3, 2017

syrian refugees

Some small-town residents of Rutland, Vt., are upset at their mayor’s decision to resettle 100 Syrian refugees throughout 2017 in the area.

Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras defended his decision, saying the town’s demographics are declining, and they are having trouble recruiting younger workers. He also thinks refugees will bring cultural diversity.

“We need people,” Louras declared to The New York Times.

Louras’s decision sparked outrage among some residents who say they had little say in the mayor’s decision, which would effect them all. They formed an advocacy group called Rutland First to pressure Louras to reverse his decision.

  • The Redhawk

    May be the CITIZEN of VT could call Both of their IDIOT SENATORS to put a STOP to this INSANITY ….Better YET they should begin IMPEACHING /RECALL MOTIONS to GET them the HELLL out of OFFICE

  • texexpatriate

    The better reason to be upset is that among that one hundred people are jihadists.

  • Tiger
    • Retired

      Our State had plenty of problems with the Cubans and Mung refugees still today. The get placed in republican areas to get Democrat votes. it is all a political scam of the tax payer.

      • Tiger

        Just heard a doctor who served in the military talking on FOX about this situation in Vermont. You are already a huge Welfare state and you have a huge heroin problem you can’t afford these people and those who bring them to you only support them for a few months.

        Then it is all on your state. Plus they have no money, no belongings, don’t speak the language have no skills and their Culture has nothing in common with any of you. This situation about over, Trump will deport these people from dangerous countries. Europe already planning mass and I mean mass deportations of all of them. Europe now under real daily criminal activity and rape by these people.

        • Retired

          Most US areas under Democrat control has a major Drug and Crime problem.

          • Tiger

            Seems there is something to be learned from it huh my friend but then after eight years of O I have learned Americans slow learners.

          • Retired

            To many in the US have not suffered like the people of war torn countries plus too many live for the day and not the future. Every one needs to spend time in Mexico and Central America , in non Tourist parts to learn what it is like to go without the luxuries we have in life.

  • Tiger

    This is the story that never made the news and the people of the town say Lynch came to their city and threatened prosecution of anyone who spoke out against the Muslims.

  • Tiger
  • Tiger
  • Tiger
  • Tiger

    Watch out Vermont. You are not looking at Diversity you are looking at Adversity to everything you believe in. What is the problem with importing some Irish, Germans, French, British etc why everything have to be Muslim? Why didn’t you ask for some Christians? Millions have been killed in 2016 and they are the one’s in bad shape.

    • Retired

      It was all part of Obamas and UN plan that the EU and the US take all these people.

      • Tiger

        Already today Trump’s team is at the border. They are speaking to every single top dog at the border and they want to see every single EO Obama put into affect on this. They also found out Bush had National Guard on a bad part of the border that O took out soon as he came in office.

        Trump will deport these people in mass. He has the laws on the books to do just that and when our immigration laws back in place that will take out the rest. The program will be stopped. There will be no more of them until we can weed out those among us.

        All those men who O has let in here from the worst countries is over. They will be gone they are not citizens and matter of fact even those who are citizens can be removed if a danger to our country. Europe is doing just that and they have come to their senses and Merkel, who brought millions in admitted now Radical Islam the biggest threat to Germany. Imagine that.

        • Retired

          More than likely Merkel is done, she to is a UN follower. She has a interesting history coming from poverty and being under communist control for decades.

          • Tiger

            Interesting I didn’t know that about her but I been keeping up with Europe and this invasion and she has been Brutal to the German people, absolutely Brutal in bringing in millions upon millions of these 75% men and forcing them on the people. She has bused in thousands to any village refusing them. She has been vindictive and she has endangered her people, just as O has endangered us.

          • Retired

            Time did a story on Merkel last year on her life , I do not know what issue it was. Try to find it if you can .

          • Tiger
      • Tiger
  • justinwachin

    It sounds like it is time to send this mayor into retirement. Someone in the town needs to step forward and run against this guy and the city council. Bad politicians need to be defeated from whatever level of government they occupy.

  • goldie

    Too bad those millions of American children were aborted or prevented – they would not allow outsiders to steal their country. Poor America, she must now reap the effects of what she has sown. I pray we do penance and God bless America, anyway.

    • Tiger

      All in the plan. Drastically change the color of America and by the way these people have no skills, no money and they won’t mesh. Good luck Vermont when you should have looked over at Maine to see what they put up with.

      • Retired

        I have no sympathy for Vermont, they should send all the Refugees to the North East and next door to the Clintons as well as Ca..

        • Janis

          This is true. Vermont demographically is probably one of the “whitest” states, yet voting, they are one of the bluest, liberal states. Remember who represents them in the Senate, Bernie Sanders. Do I think the refugees should be coming to the U.S.? No. Did Vermont vote for Obama twice and Hillary in 2016? Yes. This is clearly a classic case of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard).

        • Tiger

          Me either. They are infected with Islam.

          • Retired

            The North East is infected with a Brain Disease , called lack of Brain Cells.

    • Desireetlarson

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  • John P

    Keep them out!


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