Virginia lawmakers push to hold sanctuary cities liable for illegals’ crimes

February 9, 2016

It’s unclear whether any Virginia jurisdictions qualify as sanctuary cities, but the state legislature is determined to make sure none of them stray across the line, with Republican senators and delegates pushing to withhold money from those that refuse to cooperate — and even considering making them have to pay restitution to those harmed by illegal immigrants within their borders.

The House cleared a bill Monday that would require prisons and jails to honor all requests to transfer illegal immigrants to federal custody, as long as they aren’t asked to hold the aliens beyond the time they’d normally be released.

Senators meanwhile debated — but put off until later this week — votes on bills that would have allowed the state to strip grant money from sanctuaries, and that would have given private citizens hurt by illegal immigrants the chance to claim damages.

“This is very simple: We are either voting for rule of law or voting against it,” said Sen. Thomas A. Garrett, Buckingham Republican and sponsor of the bill to strip funding from sanctuaries.

  • Jerry

    Why can’t Washington do the same thing??? Actually enforce our laws. What a concept!!!

  • Rick

    The first thing the new Muslim terrorist sympathizer Mayor Kinny of Philadelphia Did is declare philly a sanctuary city. Defend an admitted Muslim Isis terrorist that shot one of his cops and And claimed it had nothing to do with terrorism! Add insult to injury he banned Chick-filet fro the Philly because of their Christian Beliefs.

  • takeitbacknow42012

    I’m utterly amazed and bewildered about sanctuary cities. Why would we want to give refuge to illegal aliens who break laws? And protect those that commit crimes? Would Nancy Pelosi back someone who harmed one of her grandchildren? These people ARE breaking our laws and this has to end. We are supposed to be a country of laws, not a country of lawlessness! Liberals are going way far of left and it’s costing all of us!

    • BlueViolets

      For one thing the cities in question are probably, in the main, run by Democrats who will pay the illegals to vote for them. And I do believe the feds threaten to cut off funds to the cities or states.

    • pamlois

      Let’s not lose sight of who the real enemy is here. OBAMA – with help from liberals and RINOS.

  • Todd Alfonsi

    Just run them all out, they can all go work for Ford Gm, and Chrysler in mexico. They all just built, or will build new plants there. I for one am sick of the arguments about how they should be able to stay, even though it’s a crime.

  • cmi

    Sanctuary cities has been one of the most STUPID ideas to come down the Pike in a long while!!! If these cities want to protect the illegal Immigrants, then by golly, they SHOULD be held accountable for the illegal actions of those illegal immigrants!!! I’m all for it!!!!

    • pamlois

      It’s not stupid if your aim is to bring down a country, as in, your own. This is on Obama’s agenda, and we all know he has this country on the brink.

  • sue lenhart

    At last, some common-sense, beneficial-to-American-citizens legislation! Now, if we can just get it passed and enforced . . .


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