‘Why not Texit?’: Texas nationalists look to the Brexit vote for inspiration

June 20, 2016

How closely is Daniel Miller tracking the news ahead of the referendum about whether Britain should leave the European Union? “Hourly!” he grins. The Sun’s recent editorial calling for the UK’s departure got him quite excited.

Miller, though, is not from London or Liverpool. He hails from Longview, Texas, and we are talking in a cafe in the bleakly industrial Gulf coast town of Port Arthur, some 5,000 miles from Westminster.

Culturally, too, we are a long way from Europe. Heck, we are even a long way from Dallas. But the referendum matters deeply to Miller and like-minded Texans. As the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, which wants Texas to secede from the United States, he is hoping for a Leave vote that he believes will ripple all the way from Austria to Austin.

“There are a lot of people asking, if Brexit why not Texit?” he says. “I do talk with some folks over there on a pretty regular basis that are involved in Ukip and the Conservative party.”

  • Tiger

    If anyone has been keeping up with the invasion of Europe by these refugees, 75% men and bothered to read the news from Britain or listen to the debates, one will find that the people are blaming the EU for this serious problem, that has brought crime and rape to them in proportions never experienced before. People forget that before there was an EU the countries governed themselves, made their own decisions for their people now they have outsiders, just like America with the UN that O uses instead of our laws and our congress, making life threatening decisions for them. The best thing they could do, after listening to all these arguments is to leave the EU, get back to governing themselves, build those borders and take back their country.

    Maybe the U.S. under a new president will tell the UN to get out of our country, stop interfering in our government and take it where they support the governments, Sharia Law countries and the ME. UN no friends to America.

    As to Texas they are overrun with these Muslims O has brought in. Amarillo and other places begging O to stop it. They can’t afford them, feed them, house them and now crime starting up everywhere. If Texas said kiss my grits to this U.S. I wouldn’t blame them and they could then rid themselves of the fleas that are taking them over and send um back to O and Washington D.C. Bus them in, fly them in and ship them out.

  • itsfun

    We now have government censorship on what we can hear about terrorists. Whats next. My guess is book burning by the Obama administration. He already wants to toss you in prison if you say anything against his climate change BS. The population of Texas would more than double or triple if they leave the US. One positive thing would be all the foreign aide the US would send to Texas.

  • ADRoberts

    Go for it. I now live in southern Missouri.
    You are going to have a LOT of people outside of the state who are going to be Very EAGER to join.

    • Tiger



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