2016 GOP hopefuls to ‘roast and ride’ in Iowa

by CATHERINE LUCEY | AP  |  published on June 5, 2015

Carly FiorinaDES MOINES, Iowa — It’s time for Republican presidential contenders to “roast and ride,” a new twist on Iowa’s down-home style of politicking.

A weekend gathering by freshman Sen. Joni Ernst features a pig roast, speeches from seven 2016 hopefuls and a motorcycle ride that promises to coax at least a few on wheels. It’s a prime political event for Republicans in a state known for a straw poll that is declining in relevance and for an annual steak fry for Democrats that had its final hurrah last year.

The event will be a break from the hotel ballrooms, churches and TV studios where they tend to campaign in the leadoff caucus state.

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