244 immigrants arrested in four-day sweep across Southern California

by JOSEPH SERNA AND KATE LINTHICUM | The Los Angeles Times  |  published on September 1, 2015

More than 240 people were taken into federal custody last week across Southern California after a four-day sweep for immigrants in the country illegally with criminal records, authorities announced Monday.

The enforcement action ended on Thursday with 244 foreign nationals in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement – the majority of them with at least one felony conviction on their record, authorities said.

  • southernraised

    Stop calling these people immigrants! They are aliens – and if that is too harsh for some, then call them non-nationals. Frankly, I have grown weary of all of this pc crap designed to spare someone’s feelings. How about the feelings of those of us whose families have been here for four or more generations, or at the time this nation was being forged, or those who went through the process of getting here legally?

  • Dodie1990

    If they won’t be imediately deported, just as waste of time. Deport immediately, no benefits at all ,and take some anchor bables with them. No more open bordere, no more free ride.

  • jerry young

    so what California rounded up a bunch of illegals under the obama administration 90% will be released and the rest detained and moved to another state to rain terror on America

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