Alabama: Critical Pro-Gun Bill Scheduled for Hearing

March 15, 2016

Tomorrow, March 15, Senate Bill 304 is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee at 1:00pm. As previously reported, this critical bill seeks to solve the significant disparity in concealed weapon permit fees between counties. SB 304 will accomplish this fix by allowing law-abiding individuals to apply for a permit in any county in the state. Please contact members of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and respectfully urge them to support SB 304.

Some counties in Alabama charge up to $175.00 for a 5-year concealed weapon permit. Others, such as Jefferson County, charge less than $40.00 for a 5-year permit. This significant price disparity creates a system where concealed weapon permits can be cost-prohibitive in the more expensive counties. The NRA believes that concealed weapon permit fees should only reflect the actual cost of fulfilling all statutorily mandated responsibilities associated with the permitting process; any financial obligation in excess is a revenue generating tax. Your fundamental right to self-defense should not be held hostage in exchange for excessive taxes.

This legislation would not change existing background check requirements. Upon issuance of the concealed weapon permit, the Sheriff of the county in which the permit is issued would be required to notify the Sheriff of the county of residence that a permit has been issued. Both the Sheriff of the issuing county, and the Sheriff of the county of residence would subsequently have authority to revoke the permit for any valid reason.

  • Luke

    It’s unbelievable that we even allow the gov’t to legislate and sort of gun laws, the Second Amendment doesn’t mention any restrictions on the purchase or carrying of a firearm..

  • TeaTephi

    There can be no freedom where there is no safety to property or personal rights. Whenever legislation….breaks in upon personal liberty or compels a surrender of personal privileges, upon any pretext, it matters little whether it be the act of many or of the few, it is still in its essence tyranny. JOSEPH STORY, Supreme Court Justice, 1811-1845

    • Margaret Thomason

      I totally agree with you in your statement. I do not and will nit ever bow so low to a socialist black cobra. Obummer has done nothing but ripped our country apart and trying to dictate our lives. Now he has he’d nasty hands in every states government. The only reason he wants this to be a gunless country is so that no one will be able to come after him. We need to stand firm with our state government and tell them we want to keep all our rights and liberties.

      I know there are 3 states talking about succession from the USA like that of the civil war era. Maybe it’s time for Alabama to suceed from the great almighty clutches of the Obummer administration as well. Maybe it’s time once again to have a new nation within this old corrupt USA and establish this new nation built upon on US Constitution and upon God’s 10 commandments/laws, principles and morals. Allowing no false religion such as muslims allah. To stop paying into all social security and any other federal taxes exposed upon us. We can create our own government and electoral system such as United Constitution Party for the people, by the people.

      If the so high and mighty GOP, dictator Obummer, all his cronies, and all the ungodly corrupt cord that is now a godless country, then maybe it’s time we let them have, But let this great state of Alabama succeed from this godless county that was once the greatest nation on earth. America is so far gone now that there can be no turning it back around and bringing her back to God Almighty. Please read from your bible Leviticus 26 and Matthew 24. God has given a mighty warning, but the big heads/ scums/thugs in Washington don’t want to hear it. Instead, they rather shove muslims allah upon us and down our throats. There is but one God and that is the True Living God Almighty, for its God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, The Holy Blessed Trinity.

      I’m sorry for vetting on you so, but my stomach turns inside out when I hear, read and see what’s going on in America.


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