Arkansas teen rejected by Marines over Confederate flag tattoo

by Kellan Howell - The Washington Times  |  published on January 24, 2016

An Arkansas teen says he was turned down when he tried to join the U.S. Marine Corps because of his “Southern Pride” Confederate flag tattoo.

Anthony Bauswell, 18, of Greenbrier, Ark. shows his pride in his country upbringing with his tattoos, and to show pride in his country he walked into the Conway Marine recruiting center Monday to enlist.

When he showed the recruiter his body art, he was automatically disqualified from service.

  • 2egypt

    Obummer has made a lot of idiot changes for the bad of this country…time to ship him to his buddies in Iran,,,we don’t need him here…and to think we’re protecting his a$$. Also ship all his evil buddies with him…

  • RevDrLeRoy

    So, where is his allegiance?

  • Luke

    Long live the union occupied Confederacy…
    The PC herd will make you sick..

  • Kenneth Bednar

    It just goes to show that the liberal leftist can joint up and take offense. So many of the military policy makers are thin skinned and would bleed to death on the way into battle. Oops, Sorry, the preverbal “wouldn’t be caught dead there”

    • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      “I am OFFENDED and I DEMAND you remove your history to APPEASE my delicate sensibilities.”
      –The new battle cry of the leftists and their “useful idiots” and “quislings.”

  • R. Lee Johnson

    I wonder if they would take him if it was a gay pride flag. Maybe an ISIS flag would be acceptable. Our county has gone to he’ll. Time for succession round II.

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