Baltimore mayor says she won’t seek re-election

by WUSA-TV, Washington | USA Today  |  published on September 12, 2015

BALTIMORE — The mayor of Baltimore, who became the face of the city in the wake of the violence after the death of Freddie Gray, announced Friday that she would abandon her re-election bid to instead focus on governing and spend more time with her family.

The announcement from Stephanie Rawlings-Blake comes nearly five months after Gray’s death and just days after officials said they would pay his family $6.4 million to settle civil claims over the spinal injury that lead to his death while in police custody.

Rawlings-Blake, 45, is a rising star in Democratic politics. She is the secretary of the Democratic National Committee. At age 25, she became the youngest person elected to the Baltimore City Council, then she became the president of the council. She was sworn in as mayor when her predecessor, Sheila Dixon, resigned in 2010 after being convicted of embezzlement. Rawlings-Blake was elected to a full term in 2011. She had about 52% of the vote in the Democratic primary.

  • Smitch

    No, she is retiring. Her next gig is in the Ape exhibit at the city Zoo!

  • elda

    I wonder if she has any hand in the millions of dollars awarded to the family of the thug that commit suicide in the back of a paddy wagon? There was not even a civil suit filed by the family, it was just handed to them. Those officers are not even being tried yet and someone in that city is handing out the citizens money as if they own the city bank account. I have to wonder who is getting a kick back? There is something really smelly in that town and it is not the police.

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