Border Crime Taking A Toll On Residents In Southwest New Mexico, Arizona

March 4, 2016

Residents of New Mexico’s Bootheel and parts of southern Arizona say human smuggling and drug trafficking is taking its toll on the region.

The Deming Headlight reports that residents are scheduled Thursday to express their concerns to federal officials during a meeting at the Animas Community Center in Animas, New Mexico.

Judy Keeler, a longtime resident of the rural border region, says her home was recently burglarized and it’s not an unusual episode for other residents.

Residents have said state Highway 80 has become a favorite for Mexican cartel drug runners who manage to navigate out of the Peloncillo Mountains along the Arizona-New Mexico border. They want an even more increased presence from the U.S. Border Patrol.

  • TexRancher

    Pam: Right! The problem we’re facing now is this phony president has ordered the Border Patrol NOT TO DO THEIR JOBS and refuses to deport people who have no right to be here in the first place.

    The over all problem lies with Democrats aided by a few RINOs who make up the AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS who played politics with the security of the country with their refusal to enforce lawfully enacted laws! It has grown to the point that this action (or lack thereof) constitutes TREASON against the U.S. and should be prosecuted. Or course this is impossible unless we start cleaning out these TRAITORS from Congress as well as the current administration. Right now there is only one candidate who has seriously taken on amnesty for real and that’s TRUMP! CRUZ is a good second choice!

    It must be recognized that this is now part of Obama’s plan to destroy this country and turn it into another third world cesspool! We have disease and crime walking across the southern border while he flies in the same crime and diseases plus terrorist problems from the middle east without any vetting whatsoever! Take a look at what’s happening in Europe now. That’s what he’s bringing to us! He should have been impeached long ago!

  • Smitch

    In Arizona shoot first ask questions after!

    • Pam


  • CharlieSeattle

    Residents line the border with sniper rifles and defend yourselves.

  • The Redhawk

    so what?? The IDIOT IMAM BHO in the WHITE MOSQUE COULD CARE LESS !!! He is TOO BUSY trying to STACK SCOTUS in case SHIL-lIAR-RY gets Indicted , flips in cLINTON fashion and Testifies about HIM and Loretta LYNCH , despite his Efforts< mUST DO HER JOB as AG and Put them BOTH In GITMO as ENEMIES COMBATANTS…In his SICK mind a few more Isis , Traffickers, or Drug dealers more or less .. SO WHAT…??? IT IS CBA COVER Barry's A-S time


    I find appalling and disgraceful that our politicians have allowed this to happen. They all should be shot for treason.

  • Pam

    I’ve been saying for years that anyone caught employing illegal aliens should pay a heavy fine. My current thinking:
    1st offence – 6 months gross receipts of the business
    2nd offence – 1 years gross receipts of the business
    3rd offence – Forfeiture of all the business’s assets and five years in prison.
    Also, any politician supporting bringing in foreign workers with visas and giving any support in any way, shape or form to illegal aliens and their “anchor babies” should be charged with sedition and treason for aiding and abetting our enemies in their attempts to take over this country.
    First order of business for the new president and congress needs to be clarifying the 14th amendment and ELIMINATING THE EXISTENCE of “anchor babies”. Then proceed on to rounding up Soetoro and his entire administration on charges of treason!

    • mudguy1

      You are right. If we had done what have suggested there be no need for a fence or sanctuary cities. We have made it TOO comfortable for all the illegals.

      • The Redhawk

        I still maintain that the SHORT time Solution, Quick.. Cheap and can be done are MINE FIELDS … warning Signs in ENGLISH facing the USA side of the Border and I Bet that after a few Dozen ” BOOOMS” the ILLEGAL trafiic to the uSA will stop ASAP

        • delbert chaudoin

          With obama in charge, the second is the more likely outcome

          • The Redhawk

            Unless we can ask him to take a little “walking Trek” from MEX to USA via the Route of a HEAVILIY “farmed” mine field…???? and get rid of Number two>>>>

          • delbert chaudoin

            Your mouth to Gods ear.

          • The Redhawk

            he could be Convinced that his Prayer rug can FLY over mines…carried under his arm….:0)

    • The Redhawk

      bUT the FAUX Pansy POTUS does not GIVE acrap about SECURITY or US JOBS Nor Fiscal responsibility… Pam you are ON THE SPOT but we have NO Leadrship in the WHITE MOSQUE…

    • CharlieSeattle

      End the War of Drugs by actually fighting it.

      Implement mandatory random drug testing twice a year in the US ages 17 and up and….forever!

      Want a HS Diploma? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want a drivers license or renewal? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want insurance of any kind? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want to go to Trade School, College? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want to join the Military? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want a College degree? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want a job ANYWHERE? Drug test(s) must be clean.
      Want a Income tax refund? Drug test(s) must be clean.

      For drug users:

      1st offence, Stiff fines and probation with random testing 6 times a year for 5 years.

      2nd offence, 5 years in prison followed by random testing 6 times a year for 10 years.

      3rd offence, 20 years in prison followed by random testing for life

      4th offence, You have proven you are too stupid to test. Prison for the rest of your life.

      For drug sellers:

      1st offence, Stiff fines and 5 years in prison followed by random testing 6 times a year for 5 years.

      2nd offence, 15 years in prison followed by random testing 6 times a year for 10 years.

      3rd offence, 25 years in prison followed by random testing for life

      4th offence, You have proven you are too stupid to allow out. Prison for the rest of your life.

      That should stop it.

      • delbert chaudoin

        Never happen. Vilolates too many P. C. rules. They have the right to sponge off you….. forever.

        • The Redhawk

          BULLS EYE !!!

      • The Redhawk

        But what to tell the IMAM Barry of White Mosque If we CUT off his Daily Dose???

    • CharlieSeattle

      It is already a crime to employ illegal aliens. It is not being enforced.


      Help Keep U.S. Jobs! Report Employers who Hire Illegal Aliens

      The new number to call to report employers who are knowingly hiring quantities of illegal aliens is (toll free): 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423)

    • sherri palmer

      The only thing I would add: along with all offences, add 6 mos. jail time… and fine aliens all of the earnngs they made and if they cant pay, the employer must pay for them, all of the earnings that the illegal aliens were paid, but illegal aliens would serve 3 years in jail and immediately deported after serving! Don’t just turn them loose, drop them off in the jungles of south America!

      • Pam

        Nice touch! I was just concentrating on the “enablers”.
        I’ve also always been in favor of shooting trespassers.

  • TeaTephi

    Ranchers (tax payers) along the southern border have been begging for help with illegals since the 60’s and not one left or right President or the Congress has done a thing about it.

  • leewacker

    The Feds won’t do anything because it is the FEDs who are funding and working with the cartels and invaders! The so-called “administration” is waging an open war against the American people, and WE are not supposed to protest! Hard-working men and women in the West are losing their land and homes all because of a foreigner who weaseled his way into our white house, and who must pay dearly and soon! We have to wait far too long for a new president, and the current “president” will do all he can to further destroy our country!

  • TexRancher

    I wish these folks a lot of luck! The feds won’t do anything about their problems with ILLEGALS because under Obama, they are the protected ones.

    The H E L L with AMERICANS, Obama has already told the Border Patrol to NOT DO THEIR JOBS relating to ILLEGAL INVASION AND OCCUPATION of our country! You, my friends like us, are the enemy of this administration and their AMNESTY CONSPIRATORS in Washington. It’s all part of Obama’s plan to sell us out in favor of ILLEGAL Foreign Nationals!

    Look back over the last 7+ years. Can you see anything that Kenya Boy and his Socialist party have done positive for AMERICANS? Nothing, Zilch, Zip Nada! He’s worked against us! Plus of course all his vacations for him and Moochelle and their entourage, family and friends ON OUR BILL! Even going so far as to classify his two girls as “STAFF”: so they don’t have to pay anything for their expenses!

    So like I said, good luck, but consider his past and remember the old saying, “Wish in one hand, S_ _T in the other and see which one gets full first” and that’s what you get from Kenya Boy!

    But then, What can you expect from a Kenya born, Anti-AMERICAN, Anti-CONSTITUTION, muslim who hates this country and the principles on which it was founded. (This opinion formed by watching his own words and actions.

    • podunk1

      Where is Congress??? Their job description includes absolute allegiance to defend Article 1 Section 1&2&3&6 and Article 3-3 TREASON without ANY reservation and the rest of the Constitution against ANYONE including FELLOW MEMBERS OF CONGRESS and OBAMA! TREASON is a highest capital crime!

      January BLS employment – Eligible 252,397,000population @ 1997/2008 12 year averaged workforce is 167,846,000. BLS 150,544,000 workers @ 34.6 weekly hours, @ 40 hours is 130,221,000 full-time JOBS! Unemployed jobless is 37,625,000 (22.42%), not 7,791,000 (4.92%) fraudulently reported!

      BLS 7,791,000 on UC-comp, 5,793,000 wanting jobs, and 20,323,000 not enough jobs for full-time work and wages is 33,907,000 (20.20%) acknowledged BLS joblessness. The 3,718,000 (2.2%) unexplained unreconciled difference is insignificant!

      BLS fulltime average wage with employer paid taxes & fringes (30%) totals ($68,655). That @ 37,625,000 is $2.58 trillion lost annually gross and $2.45 trillion with 5% unemployed!

      We have a 40 to 50 million locust alien army workforce… throwing citizens out of work into welfare! 11 to 20+ million aliens are collecting welfare and infrastructure while working in criminal tax/fringe/regulation evading employment. Their 2012 $402 billion cost @ 11 million “illegals” averaged $36,545! Adding same for displaced citizens totals $73,090 welfare. Lost tax/fringe revenue @ 25% employee, 30% employer @$52,811full-time adds $29,046, reaching $102,136 each.

      20 million illegals ($2 trillion) plus 20 million invited ($730 billion) is $2.7 trillion cost to throw citizens out of work… PLUS citizen $2.6 trillion jobless loss wealth puts the upper limit alien invasion cost at $4.3 trillion! Prosecute lawlessness within government and STOP IT!!


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