Boston-Area Mosque Spray-Painted With ‘USA’ Graffiti

by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS  |  published on November 2, 2015

Muslim advocates say a mosque in a Boston suburb of Burlington has been vandalized.

The Massachusetts chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Sunday that vandals spray-painted “USA” repeatedly on the exterior walls of the Islamic Center of Burlington.

The group says the vandalism was discovered early Sunday and reported to police, who are investigating. They say they’ve posted photos of the graffiti online.

In a statement, the group suggests the graffiti reflects a growing anti-Islamic sentiment that Muslim are not “real” Americans.

  • Niko

    That mosque should be pummeled to the ground with every other FILTHY mosque!!!!!!. This article brings a smile to my face.

  • peanut butter

    If you don’t like our Constitution, our democracy, and our laws, you ARE NOT a real American. CAIR’S butt. They need to be removed from American soil as a terrorist organization.

    • girls_mom

      The only way we will ever get every Muslim on a Visa and/or here illegally or via Obama’s refugee programs which need to cease immediately, out of this country is if a strong Conservative president declares formal war on ISIS; Hamas, et al, that would be inclusive of terrorist fringe groups. Over 100,000 Muslim Africans were flown into the USA a few months ago and placed in Idaho at the whim of Obama without any media trumpeting and under the watch of a Republican congress.

      The formal Declaration of War, which we never saw defined in Korea, Vietnam or even Iraq changes the way we could define the immigration of persons into our already, immigrant-over-burdened country.In any event the Muslims of the Middle-East have declared a war on us.

      Why then are we giving Muslims a free pass into this country by the hundreds of thousands? You can’t tell the enemy without a score card. A declaration of formal war would nullify any excuse they could use to remain. WWII provided the national security for this country and its citizens and ridding ourselves of suspected spies, by nullifying all visitors and non-citizens any right to remain here that were from Germany, Italy and Japan.
      We have been under assault for decades by a steadily growing socialist government that has no desire to protect our rights, our Constitution, our laws or our lives. Islam is a hateful, oppressive, misogynist religion that seeks to dominate by sheer force and coercion and any attempt to deny [it]or rally against [it] results in death.
      Sorry, but I can’t seem to muster one iota of sympathy for the graffiti-laden mosque considering the world can’t seem to muster any sympathy or rally against the heinous acts committed by ISIS in the beheading, burning, and raping of Christian women and children as young as six years of age, repeatedly, until the choose to kill them.
      I hope the brave souls that gave them a lesson in American art are never caught and continue their “beautification” of the these vile mosques that are ruining the beautiful landscape of America from sea to shining sea.:)

      • peanut butter

        They all should be bulldozed to rubble, and every muslim deported. But you know obie, head of the muslim brotherhood. He won’t stop until we finally have to take our country back by force. Keep your weapons oiled and your powder dry. Cruz just introduced a bill to cite all the terrorist groups like the muslim BH and CAIR. I hope he gets in there. he will do something about all of this.

        • girls_mom

          Love your post. LOL
          I’m with you. Lock and Load, brother!
          The only way we will ever see the ‘whites of their eyes’ is if you set fire to that bad imitation of the bandanna (that covers their entire face and wraps around their heads) our western bad guys pulled up over their face when thy robbed the stagecoach. 🙂

  • Thomas Goss

    SCREW the god dam muslims. Ship all their asses to Iran.

    • Phannesa

      Well, they are from all over the Middle East. but if anyone seems more adaptable to live in the US is the people from Iran, the ones that left long time ago, when Iran fell to the mullahs, and also we have Christian Iranians and Jewish Iranians.

  • Jr1776

    Well we know they hate America, so what.

    • Phannesa

      Amen to that!

  • DPMP

    Since when is it the job of the FBI to investigate Graffiti about USA?
    Don’t the local authorities usually do this?

    • S. Wicks Jr

      But it is muslims; just like obamy. So they get priority…

    • Pam

      Since Soetoro will “side with the muslims”. CAIR is an “un-indicted” money laundering arm of the muslim brotherhood.
      Hopefully, in February of 2017, when we once again have a REAL PRESIDENT AND ATTORNEY GENERAL, we can remove the “un” part and shut these terrorists down once and for all.

      • Phannesa

        obama’s Ag is just his useful idiot. she will prosecute what obama tells her to prosecute.

      • Phannesa

        I can’t believe how far obama and his manipulations have reached and corrupted the usual business in the WH, congress and the JD!!

    • Phannesa

      Since obama is in office..

      • YoOleMe

        … and in process of creating the American World Caliphate!!!

    • girls_mom

      Not when it’s the Prophet Allah Barrack Obama’s favorite people, that he is bringing in by the hundreds of thousands to establish a foothold that will help them take over the USA.
      Saw an article a few weeks ago, where some fat, female Muslim in burqa and hajah, screaming in front of a school in New Jersey,stated [they] would soon be the majority in this country.

      Frightening thought for we citizens and this country!

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