California unions crush bid to open their books

May 6, 2016

California’s public employee unions used their muscle this week to fight back a legislative bid to open their books, killing in committee a bill that would force them to post online how dues are spent — and a second bill requiring a union vote every two years.

“These members want to belong to a union. They want to be represented by a union. They just want to know where their money’s at,” said bill sponsor Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, a Republican.

The two bills went down Wednesday on a party-line vote, after dozens of union members came out against the legislation.

“The whole issue is not so much about these bills, but it’s about right-wing billionaires fighting for their interest and fighting to stymie the rights of the union,” testified Theresa Rutherford, of SEIU local 1021.

  • Pam

    For the most part, unions have long outlived their usefulness. And, with the exception of police and fire, I don’t think government employees should be unionized. If you take a civil service test to get your job, it takes what amounts to an act of congress (fed, state, or local) to get you fired, anyway.
    I also don’t trust elected officials to bargain, in good faith, with MY TAX MONEY! It has been several decades now that the “unions” have been openly buying politicians and it stinks to the high heavens. Especially when you, as an employee. take a grievance to your “union reps” and they tell you to just be glad you have a job! They do nothing for the people they are supposed to represent, just like the “politicians” that they own.
    In my opinion, no person or UNION or COMPANY that has even the most tangential connections to government employment, contracts, etc. should be allowed to give even a single penny to ANY politician! That is my issue with the “citizens united” SCOTUS opinion (although the unions were doing this for decades before then and their only gripe was that it finally leveled the playing field). They SHOULD HAVE FOUND that this is NOT a first amendment issue, but is, instead a CLEAR CONFLICT OF INTEREST ON ALL SIDES!

  • 7papa7

    These unions are a bunch of thugs. They make the Mafia and Cosa Nostra look like the pillar of integrity.

  • PC Bob

    How can ANYONE now claim that unions are run for the benefit of their members OR for the public? Their ONLY reason for existence is to collect funds from their members so they can then BUY politicians and special favors! THAT’S why they refuse to open their books! If it takes a Congressional subpoena to get the job done, then, by all means, let’s DO IT! Unions are not above the law, either!

  • retired4ever

    What could the reason possibly be? Why don’t the union bosses want to let their members know where the members money (forced union dues) goes? Something fishy here? Days of Jimmie H?????? I can’t believe this is happening but then it is California where the illegal rules.


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