Challenge stops confederate statue move at Univ. of Texas

by PAUL J. WEBER | Associated Press  |  published on August 15, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas on Friday abruptly canceled weekend plans to relocate a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis after a legal challenge from the same group that recently lost at the U.S. Supreme Court over rejected Confederate license plates.

The cancellation was announced a day after new University President Greg Fenves said he would uproot the century-old statue away from the center of campus, but leave statues of other Confederate figures untouched.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans, which says it seeks to celebrate Southern heritage, filed for a temporary restraining order Friday but has not yet received a decision from a judge. However, university spokesman Gary Susswein said the school agreed to wait until a court can review the challenge, all the while expressing confidence that the Davis statue will ultimately be relocated to a museum.

  • reagangs

    Since the 1970s, UT has become more and more radical liberal and progressive, in line with the elite ivy leagues. The emergent elite liberals that have taken over Austin and other major cities need to be out done. No more mister nice guy/gal. It’s time to take off the boxing gloves and deal out some knuckle sandwiches.

  • Robert McFate

    They will never erase history as long as there are willing parent to teach their children true history. Remember the book Farenhhighth 451 and the book people?

  • nonstopca

    Tuck it away in some dark corner of a museum….what an idea, maybe then the civil war didn’t happen.

  • Art Hock

    God bless the Confederacy and the liberals should all rot in hell.

  • monacall

    That’s fracking crazy

  • gavinwca

    The liberal taliban in action again.

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