Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy fired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel

by  |  published on December 2, 2015

Chicago’s top cop is out.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the news during a Tuesday afternoon news conference about Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, whom Emanuel hired shortly before his 2011 inauguration.

“I formally asked for Superintendent McCarthy’s resignation,” Emanuel said.

  • The Redhawk

    Rham is the SNAKE in NEED of getting FIRED!!

  • teaman

    The one who should resign is Mr. E for he couldn’t manage the basement of an outhouse…….oh, my bad, that’s where he lives.

  • meazly

    Why did it take until the re-election of Mr. E for the information to get out about the killing? Who can fire the Mayor of Chicago, whoever should ask for his resignation now!

  • KDC

    You mean Emanuel is doing “something” besides tip toeing through the tulips? Want to solve your crime problem? Losen the grip on your stupid gun laws. See what happens.

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