Christie issues guidelines to streamline gun permits

by Maddie Hanna  |  published on April 12, 2016

Gov. Christie’s administration announced measures Friday to ease some New Jersey state gun restrictions, including an expansion of the standard for getting a permit to carry a gun.

The Republican governor, who previously endorsed loosening the state’s gun laws, said in a statement Friday that the changes would “deliver relief and assurance to New Jerseyans exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

The changes, which follow recommendations issued by a study commission Christie formed last year, include a regulatory amendment that adds “serious threats” to the circumstances considered a special danger to a person’s life. This expands the standard of “justifiable need” that applicants have to meet to get a permit to carry a gun in New Jersey.

The amendment also says that a permit to carry can be issued based on danger to the applicant’s life that cannot be avoided by other “reasonable” means rather than by “any” means.

  • mike

    Am I reading this right,You have to be put in danger to get a permit. If you were in danger and you apply for a permit and everybody knows it takes quite a while before it is denied or issued. Only in Jersey. They have the craziest gun laws I ever heard of

    • Bullfrog Man

      I think New York is worse

      • mike

        You may be right,But it will be pretty close between the two of them

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