Colorado school district cuts free period after lawsuit on prayer, religion talk

by Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times  |  published on June 9, 2015

Palm-CrossDENVER — A Colorado Springs school district that was sued after banning students from praying and discussing religion during a free period has resolved the issue by eliminating the free period.

Attorneys for senior Chase Windebank have filed a motion to drop a federal lawsuit against Academy School District #20, citing in part Pine Creek High School’s removal of the free period, known as seminar, beginning next academic year.

Academy attorney Rob Zavaglia said the “total academic program change” was the result of a three-year committee review that was “wholly independent” of Mr. Windebank’s lawsuit, but the student’s attorneys aren’t buying it.

  • ADRoberts

    These school administrators will not support or defend the Constitution. If they can’t silence religious activity one way, they will do it another.

  • Mike N

    This is another example of our country turning away from God. This was the downfall of Israel and is becoming the downfall of the US. We were great because our Country was founded on Judeo/Christian values and not because of what we have done. God blessed this country and now we are throwing it away

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