Confederate flag supporters indicted under Georgia terrorism law

October 14, 2015

A Georgia grand jury formally charged 15 members of a group supporting the Confederate flag on terror charges following a July confrontation with a black family who was celebrating a child’s birthday, according to an indictment released Monday.

Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said members of the “Respect the Flag” group violated the state’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and made terroristic threats when their caravan of vehicles bearing the rebel flag drove past a neighborhood party.

“We do want to say that we respect the rights of all citizens to exercise their First Amendment right, but we’re going to require them when they’re doing that to respect the right of all of the citizens to feel safe,” Fortner said at a news conference attended by FOX5.

  • mydogpopo

    Vote old fortner out of office…… it now!

  • So, driving by some Leftist Loons house, while you have the Confederate Flag waving, is now an act of Terrorism? How stupid and ignorant can a group of Grand Jury idiots be? Pretty damn stupid, apparently! Piss on the PC Insanity! If a Democrat wins in 2016, you will know it was a rigged election and it will be time to take up Arms against this enemy administration and the Godless Democratic Party! Time to collect names and address of all Obama and Democratic Supporters, and everyone who works for State and Federal Governments in your area! If the SHTF, and they join against We, the People, then they and their families are also open to attack! Just pray that some Common Sense and Intelligence seeps thru their simple deranged minds before something like his does happen!

  • Diane Brenner

    The picture says more than I could on the subject.

  • DocJimmy

    If this “bleeding-heart” PC bunkum is allowed to continue, I can see a day when “Trick or Treat” and Halloween will be banned for the same pathetic reason(s).

    • CommonSense4America

      Democrats Halloween chant,,,’treat or treat,,you owe me something’. It’s my right.

  • steven_1948

    Well here’s another “isn’t that special” moment. We the liberal, arrogant, selfrighteous, politicallly correct Georgia jury want to know how many Americans can we oppress and deny their constitutional rights and get away with it? Ask Obama, he violates our rights and constitutional law at every opportunity.
    Liberalism is a cancer on this nations soul and must be cut out and incinerated!

    • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

      “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”
      –Dr. Michael Savage

  • Pam

    The truth is, we will probably NEVER know the real, true facts of this case. Having grown up in inner-city Chicago in the 60’s & 70’s I could probably make a pretty good guess as to the true facts. But in our PC gone wild society these “Respect the Flag” people will be railroaded. No matter how much the blame for the “incident” should be shared, NO ONE will hold any of the “party goers” responsible for any part they had in it. Because, after all, the lib/progs FIRMLY BELIEVE that minorities are inferior and therefore cannot be held accountable for bad behavior; it is part of their “culture”.

  • elda

    This is another issue of feelings over facts. One group has the right to respect a symbol of our past and the other has the right to ignore that symbol.

  • VirgoVince

    Simply put; more idiotic libturd pc bullshit!!

  • KDC

    Well, I don’t condone any threats, but this flag issue is just another form of PC and an attack on our 1st Amendment rights. This flag is part of our history and I really don’t like when they want to abolish and prohibit icons of this sort. People need to get over themselves, it’s not always about poor “you”.

    • DocJimmy

      Eloquently stated. People are so far up their own backside that if they past gas, they’d blow their brains out. PC practitioners are herding themselves in to a box canyon and don’t know it. The trouble is – they want to take realistic/common sense people with them and get mad when we don’t co-operate. I don’t abide people using historical icons like the Confederate Flag and terrorising folks though. Terrorising people is just plain and outright wrong anyway at any time.

      • Judy McKinney

        What did they do to terrorize people? I missed that.

        • elda

          They disagreed with them. I guess that is wrong now. It is gay marriage all over again. I don’t care is someone feels or believes different than I do, just don’t force me to give up my belief or agree with yours. As long as it is not physically harming anyone how can they complain?

        • CommonSense4America

          From what I understand, they drove past them with that scary ‘Stars and Bars’ Confederate Flag.

          • Judy McKinney

            OOOOHHHHH, That must have been really frightening. LOL (There are a LOT of NUTS in America now.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            If they had driven by flying the “Stars and Bars” no one would have noticed, as it is the most unrecognized National Colors of the Confederate States of America.

            The flag shown in the accompanying photo is _not_ the “Stars and Bars”: it’s the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Naval Ensign of the Confederate States Navy: neither of which is one of the three CSA’s National Colors (“Stars and Bars”, “Stainless Banner” and the “The Blood-Stained Banner”).

          • CommonSense4America

            Thank you,,,I stand corrected.

          • Juanito Ibañez, TopCop1988

            No problem.

            Flags of the CSA and Texas are somewhat a ‘special interest’ of mine.

            Despite what the amusement parks claim, there were more than “Six Flags Over Texas,” as most fail to realize the first flag of the Republic of Texas:


            Some, OTOH, prefer the Lorenzo de Zavala version:



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