FL Constitution Revision Commission to have big impact

by Lloyd Dunkelberger  |  published on November 10, 2015

Why should ordinary Floridians care about a massive 37-member government commission that won’t even be appointed until early 2017?

They should care because the Florida Constitution Revision Commission has the power and ability to change many aspects of their lives.

Carol Weissert, director of the LeRoy Collins Institute at Florida State University, is leading a partnership of 18 civic, legal and advocacy groups, including The Florida Bar, the Florida Chamber Foundation, the Florida League of Cities, the Florida Press Association and the Florida NAACP, that is aimed at raising the profile of the commission as it heads into its two-year term.

Many Floridians are likely unaware of the commission because it is designed to meet once every 20 years and there have only been two prior commissions: in 1977-78 and 1997-98.

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