D.C. moves to appeal ruling shooting down concealed carry law

by Andrea Noble  |  published on May 28, 2016

The District’s Attorney General is moving quickly to appeal a federal judge’s ruling which last week blocked city officials from requiring gun owners to provide a “good reason” in order to get a permit to carry a concealed firearm in the nation’s capital.

City attorneys filed a notice of appeal Thursday, even before the judge overseeing the latest challenge to the District’s strict gun laws has decided whether or not to stay his initial ruling — in which he called the regulations a likely “unconstitutional burden.”

In a ruling last week, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily bans enforcement of a key portion of the city’s “may issue” laws while the case works its way through the court system.

The city’s filing notes that the Attorney General intends to appeal the order granting the preliminary injunction “and all other orders merged therein” to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

  • snowyriver

    Pleasure and Protection are all the reasons necessary for a concealed carry permit.

    • dhmill

      Actually, based upon the Unites States Constitution, you do not need anyone’s “permission” to carry a gun. Concealed or otherwise.

      • snowyriver

        Very well said.. My sentiments exactly.

  • Rodney Steward

    Keep fighting Judge, don’t give in to the White house thugs and their gun agenda!

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