Denver cites religion to delay Chick-fil-A contract

by Bob Unruh |  |  published on August 22, 2015

The Denver City Council delayed the routine approval of a contract for Chick-fil-A to operate one of its restaurants at the city’s airport after a “gay” council member charged corporate profits would be used “to fund and fuel discrimination.”

The attack on one of the most successful and most popular food franchises in the nation is just the latest since 2012, when CEO Dan Cathy expressed his view that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

At one point, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel threatened to refuse to allow the company to open any restaurants in Chicago. He later dispatched an aide to say he really wouldn’t do that.

  • danske

    Apparently being on the Denver City Council is one way to “fund and fuel discrimination”. That council member doesn’t understand religious discrimination.

  • reggie

    Oh goodie. I’m waiting for the Muslims vs the gays. Be better than the NFL. Time for ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Have read the book several times over the years.

    • Karin Isbell

      The homosexual mafia will do anything to silence traditional concepts.

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