Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz by 17 points in Oregon: poll

by David Sherfinski  |  published on April 30, 2016

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has a 17-point lead over Sen. Ted Cruz in Oregon with Ohio Gov. John Kasich in third, according to a recently-released poll.

The poll from the Hoffman Research Group taken Tuesday and Wednesday had Mr. Trump at 43 percent support, compared to 26 percent for Mr. Cruz and 17 percent for Mr. Kasich.

About half of Cruz and Kasich supporters said there’s a chance they could still change their minds, while more than three-quarters of Trump supporters said their choice is locked in.

Oregon, which votes on May 17, was supposed to be part of a deal between the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, where Mr. Kasich would get out of Mr. Cruz’s way in Indiana and Mr. Cruz would do the same for Mr. Kasich in Oregon and in New Mexico.

Both candidates, though, have downplayed the move since it was announced on Sunday, and Mr. Trump has relentlessly mocked them for it on the stump.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Trump has all the “RIGHT” enemies and “PATRIOT ENDORSEMENTS” to make be a solid supporter.

    Anti-American worker e/GOP RINO’s Ted Cruz and John Kasich have nothing!

  • Trump may very well be the panacea to at least attempt to save our dying country through a combination of decisive principled leadership and common sense.

  • Pattie


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