Federal court tosses challenge to Kansas gun law

by Roxana Hegeman - Associated Press | The Washington Times  |  published on June 7, 2015

Kansas-Gun-LawWICHITA, Kan. — A federal judge rejected a challenge Friday to a Kansas law that makes it a felony for U.S. government workers to regulate guns and ammunition made, sold and kept only in the state, ruling that the gun control group that filed the suit failed to prove its members are directly harmed by the law.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ruled the federal court lacks jurisdiction to consider the merits of the lawsuit because the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence didn’t show the state’s enforcement of the law inflicts on actual or imminent injury to any of its members.

In her 25-page ruling, Robinson granted the state’s motion to entirely dismiss the case without prejudice, meaning it could be refiled.

  • brian James

    these Nazi’s will not give up, now they are going after the veteran and telling them that if they want to continue getting there benefits they have to give up there second amendment right to the Constitution. this administration is no different than Adolf Hitler. this is a criminal and treasonous administration and should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for crimes against the nation and the American people. while our elected officials are coming up with ways to destroy and take away our Constitutional Rights they continue to give themselves every benefit under the sun. just a few months ago while several young Americans were getting there heads cut off our dictator was out on the golf course playing golf and smiling and posing for the camera’s. when will the people wake up and see what he is doing just what Hitler did to his own people our dictator is doing to the American people which he hates and makes no bones about it. Semper Fi and God Bless this nation.

    • George Cullen

      I’ve been saying the same thing.

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