Feds say 179,027 criminal illegals are loose on U.S. streets

October 31, 2015

Nearly 1 million immigrants have been ordered deported but still roam free in the U.S., including nearly 180,000 who have been convicted of crimes here, the Homeland Security Department said in information released Friday by the Senate immigration subcommittee.

The release came the same day that two top lawmakers, the chairman of the House and Senate judiciary committees, demanded answers on how a man who’d been deported twice before snuck back into the U.S. and, according to a criminal complaint, then kidnapped and raped his estranged girlfriend.

  • Once Trump is President, there should be a bounty offered on all illegal and Islamic scum who are delivered to the S. Border unharmed. Have a big Prison ship waiting and as soon as it is full, take it out to deep, shark infested water and sink it! Illegals are Criminals and Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and all muslims are satan’s rabid pigs!

  • a flag waving AMERICAN mike

    I don’t have a problem with the Immigrants that come here and play by the rules,they work hard and try to make a better life for them self but when they make trouble it is time to get rid of them.this hole country is nothing but Immigrants and that is what makes this country great

    • a flag waving AMERICAN mike

      VM Sheppard.I am new to this site and I am still trying to get it together,you gave me a up vote.so we must have some common ground.Is there any way to get in touch with you other than this .for all I know this is braking the rules if it is tell me and you won’t hear from me any more if it is not maybe we could talk some more

  • a flag waving AMERICAN mike

    To put a stop to Immigrants doing some thing wrong. Court puts them in jail to do there time and when there are released right into the hands of IMG. and deported back to where they came from,and they come back and get caught no deporting this time.they should be shot. end of problem.

  • Pam

    An ILLEGAL ALIEN should be shot for trespassing, no matter where he/she/it is found inside of our borders and no matter from where they originally came.

  • KDC

    “Nearly 1 million immigrants have been ordered deported but still roam free in the U.S.”… And this is what I notice the LSM and other media tend to do, hoping to water down this whole subject. They are NOT immigrants. Immigrants come into a country lawfully. These are “ILLEGAL” immigrants. Let’s get that very clear and highlighted every time. They are ILLEGAL because they are not entering this country abiding by the laws. Our own government isn’t adhering to the laws that are in place. ( okay for them, but not us).
    Don’t let them turn this into anti immigrant. It’s all about anti ILLEGAL immigrant!

    • billie

      These are not even illegal migrants, they are illegal aliens, invaders if you please, as such they should be stopped at the border by any means necessary.

  • The Redhawk

    How many could be SENT to the WH lawn for a few Months of ” FROLICKING” with the Obamas???

  • Dave Batz

    As of now, most of us know that our gov’t is talking of bringing some thousands of Syrian Refugees into our nation. Ummm, “Immigrants”? At the same time there are reports coming out of European nations that have accepted these refugees that some are attacking Christians around the areas that they are camped/collected. Most of those refugees are Muslim coming from a nation that has been in a “Civil War” condition for some years. Some of those refugee Muslims do believe in “Jihad”, that all Christians must die, they’re nonbelievers. And yet, to allow some thousands of these into our nation could have results, unwanted results. Be Aware! We already have some criminals entering and re-entering, and re-re-entering, secretly and “Illegaly”.

  • ADRoberts

    I bet Obama loves that It means MORE VICTIMS who might be patriotic Americans. And we know what he thinks of patriotic Americans.


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