FL Senate Comm Approves Pastor Protection Bill

by MICHAEL AUSLEN  |  published on January 28, 2016

Religious liberty and LGBT rights clashed Tuesday in the Florida Senate as lawmakers gave the first nod of approval to allowing religious groups to deny weddings to same-sex couples but put off a vote on anti-discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the first hearing for the Pastor Protection Act (SB 110), the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the legislation by a 7-3 vote after an hour of debate. The bill would protect clergy and churches from prosecution and lawsuits if they turn away gay couples who want to marry.

It’s a concern for pastors who fear they could be sued, said bill sponsor Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach. That was the issue raised by dozens of clergy and religious activists who came to Tallahassee to argue for the bill.

  • nevergiveup

    That the Democrats don’t want to create problems for the criminals is just UNIMAGINABLE!!! Just so backwards it’s UNBELIVEABLE!!! But they have become such an unbelievable bunch. They are in for a BIG SURPRISE of their own!!!

  • Debbie

    Thank you, rest of the States follow.

  • Pam

    It is way past time for all states to adopt these kinds of protections, These “people” intentionally go where they know they will be denied for the specific purpose of suing for discrimination and it has to stop. I read somewhere that those two “men” from OHIO went to THREE DIFFERENT counties in KENTUCKY before they finally found one that would deny them a license!
    You notice how they NEVER GO NEAR a muslim business or a mosque to try to pull their crap?

  • jimdarnall

    Any state that has some guts should do the same thing. I think many are afraid of the LGBT movement and don’t want to upset them.

  • About time somebody grew a pair and told the LGBT that they should get off their high horse, and start being so out spoken in telling other people what their “Rights” are!!

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