Florida ponders concealed carry gun law as Obama tightens regulations

by Richard Luscombe  |  published on January 14, 2016

Less than a year ago, a controversial proposal that would have allowed the concealed carrying of guns on Florida’s 40 public university and college campuses failed to make it to a vote among lawmakers.

Now the measure is back before them in Tallahassee, alongside a new bill that would make Florida the 46th and latest “open carry” state. It highlights a stark reality facing Barack Obama’s efforts to break America’s love affair with firearms: irrespective of any executive order, the real power in directing the nation’s gun laws resides within its state capitols.

In Florida, as in several other Republican-dominated states where politicians are reconvening after the winter break, the National Rifle Association’s legislative wing has been busy promoting new or loosened gun laws that, if passed, will see more of the country’s estimated 300m weapons in more places than ever before.


    We all will be sitting Ducks..Tighten your grip…

  • ADRoberts

    At the same time Obama lies, the record of the actions of THE PEOPLE indicates just the opposite of what the elite claim. Actions speak louder than words.
    Now if we can just get some real people to run for office and remove the influence of the Bilderberg.
    Cornyn and McConnell and Alexander have to go.

  • Luke

    Any law prohibiting citizens from owning or carrying a firearm is unconstitutional. How did it get to the point that politicians were in control of the 2nd Amendment, wake up people, politicians are the problem, they work for us, vote all of them out..

  • Roy F Wilt

    If this Bill doesn’t become Law, a lot of people will be voted out of Office!!!!!!

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