Gov. Brown hails deal to raise minimum wage to $15 as ‘matter of economic justice’

March 29, 2016

In a move catapulting California into uncharted national territory, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday a six-year plan to boost the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour, promising that millions of low-wage workers would receive the help they desperately need.

“It’s a matter of economic justice. It makes sense,” Brown said at a news conference at the state Capitol, surrounded by Democratic leaders of the Legislature and those from some of the state’s most prominent labor unions.

The agreement, first reported by The Times on Saturday, would reinforce California’s position as having the highest minimum wage of any state. It also sets in motion a series of important political and policy changes. Most pressing, the brokered deal is expected to cancel two separate labor-sponsored efforts at placing a wage hike initiative on the November ballot.

“I’m hoping that what happens in California will not stay in California, but will spread all across the country,” Brown said.

  • John Haines

    the only thing increasing the minimum wage will do is cause everything else we buy to be increased by the same percentage, so nothing will change .Are these politicians actually that stupid.

  • Dan Wil

    The only major advantage to living in CA is the proximity of Mexico and Arizona.
    If they raise the wage here and the prices rise in accordance then I will be doing most of my purchasing in Mexico, Arizona or online (no sales tax).
    The only people helped by the $15 a hour wage are those who are not willing to get a decent education and get a reasonable job, everyone else is hurt as the value of our dollar goes down.
    Think of the person who “earned” a $16/hour job; now they are back in the poverty bucket since their dollar lost approximately 45% of it’s value.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    There is a name for Governor Moonbeam and the people who voted for this. They are called “IDIOTS!”

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    So, 15.00 per hour for a worker with a not so high level of education. Lets see, 15 per hr. x 40 hrs = 600.00 per wk. x 52 wks. = 31,200 dollars per year. I know what I would do as a business owner/employer.

  • Patriot159

    I was in LA 2 months ago and could not believe the cost of living. I would never live in Calif. due to the already outrageous taxes and fees. So when the cost of living goes up even more due to the higher min. wage, $15 will be worth $8 so there will be NO gain. Amazing how people still think there is a ‘free lunch’ to be had.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      I wonder how many will be making “$0.00 an hour” because they no longer have a job?

      It is the same old thing. Instead of using “logic & reasoning” they just want to “throw OTHER PEOPLE’S money at it! Well, California thinks it’s the ” solution,” more power to them!

      They might live to regret it.

    • Phil Esposito

      Patriot- I live here and it’s amazing how expensive it is, but here is the messed up part, they let all the illegals come in because they wanted cheap labor and then make a stupid move like raising minimum wage. Dimwits.

  • mike

    Do you really want to help the ones in need.Get rid of your sanctuary cities and help your citizens instead of these low life illegals and refugees

  • joebabe

    Can $12 Big Macs be far behind?…….or ,perhaps robotic burger flippers coming soon to your neighborhood! …. LOL……maybe!


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