Growing Number Believe California’s Drought Is A Government Conspiracy

by Nuck James | CBS Sacramento  |  published on September 24, 2015

REDDING — There is a growing, underground movement of people who believe California’s drought is part of a government conspiracy instead of a naturally occurring event from a lack of rain during the last four years.

The movement’s leader, Dane Wigington, says he’s putting his life on the line to reveal a truth that will shake society to its core.

From the outside, it’s clear the hundreds showing up beat to a different drum. But stepping inside a packed Redding auditorium is like walking into another world. Outlandish ideas like weather warfare and climate engineering—in other words, weather control—are accepted as basic fact.

  • carpkiller

    The other people are not idiots. They just do not believe it possable. It is and has been proven for decades.

  • I Seigel

    So the group has gone from tens to hundreds. Wow! I guess the other hundreds of millions of people are all idiots.

    There’s also a growing number of people who think we never landed on the moon. There’s also a growing number of people who think that the Bush White House was involved in 9/11.

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