Gun rights group protests assault weapons ‘crackdown’ by Massachusetts AG

by Mary Lou Lang-Byrd | Washington Free Beacon/  |  published on August 18, 2016

Gun rights advocates in Massachusetts are turning up the heat against the state’s attorney general, who they say potentially made thousands of citizens “felons in waiting” with her recent enforcement notice that changed the legal definition of assault weapons.

The latest rally by gun rights advocates against state Attorney General Maura Healey’s change attracted hundreds of people on Monday.

The Call to Action Rally featured signs that read “Healey Hurts Families” and “We Stand With GOAL.” The Gun Owners’ Action League, or GOAL, is the Massachusetts-based Second Amendment group that organized the rally and several others in recent weeks.

Healey’s enforcement notice was posted online while the Massachusetts legislature was on break for the national party conventions. It stated that Healey’s office is “stepping up enforcement of the state’s assault weapons ban, including a crackdown on the sale of copycat weapons.”

  • nerdchild

    It’s odd that the states that were at the forefront of our Revolution…….are also at the forefront of infringing on our rights.

  • Donnie Buchanan

    The Second Amendment is VERY plain and clear in its language, “shall not be infringed”. Still it is the most attacked and infringed Amendment that exists. Any politician that attempts to infringe it should be impeached for violation of their oath of office. Our founding fathers never meant for it to be regulated as per registrations, permits, magazine bans, place of possession, or even age of ownership ( no, I’m not saying that a 6 year old should carry without supervision). Because the Federalist papers define the militia as ordinary citizens who could help defend our nation during a crisis, even military weapons should be allowed to citizens. Of course Mao, Castro, Hitler, and Hillary along with their like would disagree.

  • SD of AZ

    Another official stepping on the second amendment. File a suit and get after every elected official in that state! McCain in AZ is going down in AZ. He too seeks to limit the second amendment. So Go Ward in AZ. Time to replace McCain!

    • SickoftheBS

      Way past time to replace McCain period.

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