Half a million Minnesotans don’t speak English at home…

October 8, 2015

Over the past 25 years, Minnesota has seen a substantial shift in its racial and ethnic makeup. The number of Minnesotans born outside the country has tripled, with immigrant and refugee communities now making up a critical component of the state’s economy — and a growing political force.

Today, about 84,000 Minnesotans are originally from Central America, while nearly 40,000 claim Somali ancestry, making Minnesota home to the largest population of immigrants from the Eastern African country in North America. Others have come from India, Vietnam, China and Korea, among other places.

Going forward, MinnPost’s New Americans beat will examine the issues critical to these communities. To kick off that coverage, we’ve compiled the latest census data to create a demographic snapshot of Minnesota — a picture that reveals just how much the state has changed, and how it’s likely to look in the future.

  • oldvinnie

    Minneapolis high school graduation rate is 50%. Lowest big city in US. Too many liberals welcomed too many Muslins and Mexicans. Too many free things. It’s the next Detroit.


    A nearby city had a man who became a U. S.citizen after being here for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. His granddaughter HAD TO TRANSLATE for him, as he had LEARNED NO ENGLISH in his TWENTY-FIVE YEARS in this country!

    Come ON man!! Here for 25 years and CAN’T SPEAK ANY ENGLISH?!?!?!?!?!

    I don’t care HOW old the man was at the time, LEARN to SPEAK at LEAST SOME English!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Rushing

    Maybe the time has come for businesses to adopt a a policy of doing business in English ONLY. The “immigrants” came here, some uninvited, to partake of what we have and we speak English as a matter of routine so they can learn to “partake” of that too. It is past time to end “accommodating” these people; let them learn English or go back to whatever hell hole they climbed out of to get here. If they are met with a blank stare every time they appear in a place of business, babbling whatever gibberish they speak and find themselves unable to conduct business they will very quickly learn English or starve. I can assure the “bleeding hearts'” who would say that I am heartless that these people would not change their ways to accommodate you were you to move to their country.

    • Tiberius Gracchus

      What a xenophobic tool! But not surprising coming from someone who’s probably too scared to even try and learn a few words in another language. Millions of Europeans, including the English, speak two, three, or more languages, and it doesn’t seem to phase them in the least. Every immigrant from any other land besides the British Isles and Ireland came here speaking another language, and they all learned English, or most certainly their children did, but that doesn’t mean they will lose their native tongue. It’s part of the immigrant story of millions of Americans, and it will continue to be so in the future. You would have to learn another language, too, if you were dumped somewhere in Nicaragua, or you’d have a hard time finding the bathroom. When my ancestors landed in Massachusetts in 1639, they didn’t speak a word of Wampanoag, but they were never told to go back to whatever hellhole they climbed out of until after the King Philip’s War nearly 40 years later (and even then, you can’t blame them, when the Plymouth Colony confiscated all the Wampanoag’s guns and hanged three of them for killing a Christianized Indian, but I guess that would put you in a conflicted position politically, wouldn’t it?).


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