Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to place gun owners on FBI database

June 25, 2016

LOS ANGELES- Hawaii’s governor signed a bill making it the first U.S. state to place its residents who own firearms in a federal criminal record database and monitor them for possible wrongdoing anywhere in the country, his office said.

The move by gun control proponents in the liberal state represents an effort to institute some limits on firearms in the face of a bitter national debate over guns that this week saw Democratic lawmakers stage a sit-in at the U.S. House of Representatives.

Hawaii Governor David Ige, a Democrat, on Thursday signed into law a bill to have police in the state enroll people into an FBI criminal monitoring service after they register their firearms as already required, his office said in a statement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation database called “Rap Back” will allow Hawaii police to be notified when a firearm owner from the state is arrested anywhere in the United States.

Hawaii has become the first U.S. state to place firearm owners on the FBI’s Rap Back, which until now was used to monitor criminal activities by individuals under investigation or people in positions of trust such as school teachers and daycare workers

  • Control, control, and more control. This is what they want. And the next biggest thing is MONEY! Once they have the control of guns, they’ll have control of the people. All I can say is…God is watching attitudes, obedience to him, and just how far they are going before He will finally say, no more. The time is coming when the shoe is going to be on the other foot and God will not fool around.

  • robert sanders

    What do you expect from a democrat shit head from the monkey state.

  • Shaymamma8

    Best idea I’ve heard today. What are gun nuts afraid of? The government should be able to track the guns that are being sold to the public. Only those who are selling guns illegally will have a problem with this, the rest of us responsible gun owners could care less about being registered with the government.

    • studi30

      The only ones selling guns illegally are the criminals. The BATF licenses and inspects all gun dealers. The BATF controls the importation, manufacture and distribution of all firearms in the US. When you go to a gun store or gun show the dealer calls the NICS System for an instant yes or no on the sale. The National Instant Check System is run by the FBI which does the background check. Only real criminals don’t go through this. A criminal selling an illegal firearm or committing a crime with a firearm must go before a federal court and if found guilty serve a mandatory 5 year sentence. If the weapons kills someone the thug goes away for life. Obama and the DOJ haven’t enforced this federal law and put the criminals back on the streets.

  • Mike V99

    Isn’t using a Federal data base to register gun owners already barred by law? I believe the Brady Act specifically forbids it. That is why all information from background checks under NICS must be destroyed after the sale is cleared. This law, aside from being generally unconstitutional, appears to directly violate existing statute.

    • studi30

      When the 10 year assault weapon ban expired in 2004 the NICS System under the FBI was established. The FBI can’t, by federal law, keep anyone’s name on file.

      • Mike V99

        Yes, indeed. But I must correct my original post. it was not the Brady Act, it was the Firearms Owners Protection Act that forbids the keeping of a federal database of gun owners. Hawaii is asking the Feds to violate the law by adding their list of gun owners. It will fail in court. Direct violation of federal law.

        • studi30

          When the Dim controlled Senate proposed the assault weapons ban there was no proposal of a NICS System and no ten year sunset of the ban. Only the Republicans in the Senate got those added before they would vote for it, as they were outnumbered.

  • Rodney Steward

    Sounds Unconstitutional to me, and this is something that we need to watch closely. Believe it or not Hawaii is turning into a giant slum, homeless people are laying everywhere their! But it just falls in line with all the rest of the states that are run by DEM.!!!


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