Hear the sexually charged recording at heart of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley scandal

by John Archibald  |  published on March 24, 2016

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley this afternoon apologized to the people of Alabama for explicit comments he made to Rebekah Mason, his top political adviser.

But Bentley, who has been under siege since former Alabama Law Enforcement Secretary Spencer Collier accused him of having an affair, denied he had been involved in a physical relationship with her.

Bentley said his comments, captured on recordings in 2014, have hurt his family and Mason’s. He called today “a difficult day.”

He repeated over and over that his sins were in the words he used in talking to Mason, nothing more.

  • ScranunSlim

    Sure, he just got a back rub like Chuck Robb

  • Old Vet

    Sexuality and power are hard wired into the brain of most of those that have made it their calling in life to be politicians/leaders. It is present in people of other chosen professions as well, eg: police, firefighters, and a lot of the military. Perhaps it is merely supercharged DNA at work?? Not excusing it however.

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