‘Hillary for Prison’ signs keep getting stolen in the Hamptons

by Kathianne Boniello and Doug Kuntz | New York Post  |  published on August 31, 2015

This Hamptonite wants Hillary Rodham Clinton behind bars — and had to put his signs saying so behind an electric fence.

Andy Sabin’s first “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs lasted little more than a day before they were stolen from in front of his Amagansett home last week. So Sabin took steps to make sure the placards were secure.

The red, blue and white signs now sit atop a pair of 12-foot poles behind an electric fence with yellow warning signs. A surveillance camera keeps watch.

  • mustang6984

    Good place for her. Sooner better than later!

  • saviano

    Thank you my fellow American ! We hear you loud and clear in AZ

  • ed

    He needs to watch his back now. It seems quite a few people that cross the Clintons have wound up dead.

  • The redhawk

    Sounds like Money from the ‘CLINTON FOUNDATION” is helipng the Unemployed of the Hamptons1!!

  • I need to get some printed up for my and my friends yard! If true justice was done, the lying whore would already be in prison over Bengazi, along with the Kenyan Princess, Hussein!

    • The redhawk


    • Dave In Arizona

      Send me one of those signs!

  • reggie

    Good for him. Hope he wears a bulletproof vest.

    • Dave In Arizona

      Bulletproof vest? You don’t think the Clinton Machine would do this guy in, do you. Hmm? May be witness protection might be best.

      • reggie

        Good idea, let’s get bambam on it right away, snicker, snicker.

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