Houston district opens ‘Arabic Immersion School’ to create ‘global citizens’

June 20, 2015

HOUSTON – About 130 Houston student will attend a new Arabic immersion school next year, where they will learn to speak Arabic as they learn “to be truly global citizens.”

“With kids who learn Arabic, as a parent you’re going to set them up for success, as a teacher you’re going to challenge them to do the best they can, but that skill of learning Arabic and being fluent in it really can be life-changing for a Houston kid,” Kate Adams, the principal of Houston Independent School District’s Arabic Immersion Magnet School, told Houston Public Media.

“In addition to the students being fully functionally bilingual in Arabic and English, the bigger goal for me is that I want our students to be truly global citizens,” she said. “And so that doesn’t just mean language fluency or cultural fluency. It’s kind of how you look at the world and how you interact with the world.”

  • VirgoVince

    Again, I ask, WHY are we allowing this mu-slime garbage to live in OUR country? We don’t need to import garbage, we have enough of our own, we have liberals, progressives, socialists, marxists and communists!!

  • Islam needs to be Banned completely from the United States of America! Islam and Muslims are not loyal to our Nation, our Constitution, our Laws, our Flag, nothing except their perverted Pig from hell, Allah/Satan! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and the Super Highway straight to the bowels of HELL, where satan/Allah await all Muslims and Sinners! BAN ISLAM FROM USA BORDERS!

  • unique

    Our children need to learn to speak and read English first.
    These Arabs want to change our country to be like the country
    they left. We need to not be politically correct and keep our
    country American and not Islamic.

  • doomsdae

    The main Goal of this school and schools like this who are teaching about Islam is to “Primarily Indoctrinate them,” make no mistake about it! And as far as being a global citizen is to convert them to Islam. Ten yrs. ago we spend two weeks in Granada Spain where we were befriended by a Muslim owner who invited us to his café. Long story short; He stated, “we are going to take back Spain.” I replied, Spain was NEVER (I being of Spanish decent) your country, you conquered it for over three hundred years!! He then stated, “and, we are going to conquer your country!!” (he knew we were American citizens) I then asked, “oh really?” Just how do you plan on doing this? He stated to us, “we are already coming in through Canada and Mexico.” Folks, this was ten years ago……….they have arrived……..

    • donemyhomework


  • KDC

    Home school as long as you can. Protect your children from communist indoctrination.

    • Ace Dragon


      • KDC

        I wouldn’t move to California if you paid me to move there. Sorry, no thanks. That’s a wing nut state, like the one I live in.

        • KentS

          Looks like California “TOUGHT” Ace how to spell and take their daily dose of “CAPS ON”.

      • Texan 1

        They may not teach communism but the sure do teach liberalism.

  • reagangs

    Oh, WOW!?!? This is ripe for protest. Maybe they should have passed it by the local tax payers for approval.

  • nonstopca

    What a crook….

  • Texan 1

    I think we need to “immerse” our children in the American way first. Our history and way of life is more important since so many of the children don’t seem to know little if anything about the country they live in. Just add the Arabic language to the choices given the students. I take “immersion” as an affront to what it means to live in the greatest country in the world. Immersion has never been done for any other foreign lifestyle before so why now?

    • Mark Lahti

      Totally agree with that Texan. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Texan 1

        Thank you Mark. Our leaders seem to be more interested in pleasing others than pleasing their own citizens who work hard and are productive members of society.

    • KDC

      They should teach the correct American history first. But, we all know they don’t. It’s not PC enough!

      • Ace Dragon


      • Texan 1

        Right but they don’ t because the bleeding heart liberals out-number others. It’s no wonder our nation is in such a pathetic condition.

  • Magoo Lew

    That would be the day that I would allow any of my children to go to a Arabic school. The children will end up brainwashed into the Arabic way of life and probably be taught to accept sharia law. I hope the good citizens of Houston have the brains not to send their children there. If they want the children to learn Arabic, send them to a language school, not a muslim school.


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