Idaho school buys guns to enhance safety: ‘We wanted to be prepared’

June 6, 2015

Ruger_SR45_2BOISE, Idaho — A tiny school district in Idaho far removed from law enforcement has purchased firearms and trained a handful of staff to use them should the same school shooting rampage that has occurred across the country take place.

It takes at least 45 minutes for officers to reach the Garden Valley School District — a district made up of less than 300 students all taught under the same building — where limited funds have prevented the school from being able to afford hiring police officers to patrol the building during school hours. Police often request schools to help offset the costs of being stationed at a school if grants are not available.

As a result, the school board approved this month purchasing guns to remain locked inside the school and trained six employees to use the weapons in an emergency.

  • Duke

    Good for them! After WWII when the Japanese command was asked why they didn’t simply pull submarines up to the USA West Coast and invade us, they answered that they knew that Americans citizens were armed and would fight to protect their country, homes, and families. The way I read it, they said that if their soldiers went up to someone’s door, the person behind the door would have a gun and shoot the invader dead. The Second Amendment at work.

    Obama wants to disarm all Americans so that his personal army can proceed more easily in his destruction of America from within. Think about it. Why else would his big battle to take all the guns away from every citizen be so vehement? Citizens owning guns are doing no harm and are of no threat to anyone not trying to conquer them. An unarmed populace is a sitting duck — easy to conquer and kill.

    And we all know that gun laws against ordinary citizens owning their own guns would only be effective against honest people; the criminals and maniacs will always have their own guns, as they all do now. What moron thinks that criminals and sociopaths will turn over their guns to the government and be unarmed? What is it about the term “criminal” that these brainwashed, hypnotized, anti-gun zombies don’t understand?! Wake up and smell the coffee, people. The Dictator wants you unarmed so you are easy pickins to subserviate.

    • studi30

      Admiral Yammamoto, the head of the Japanese Navy, was educated in the US. He said there is a gun behind every blade of grass in the US. When seconds count, the police are minutes away, and in this case a bloody massacre away. Having a gun for protection is just another layer in my home owners policy.

  • ADRoberts

    Smart administrators. Glad to see that SOME administrators are good still.

    • Valor

      Yeah, but you notice it is a small school district far removed from an urban area controlled by Demorats!

      • ADRoberts

        And how do you suppose these democrat administrators and school board get control. Is it money from Soros and the owner of Progressive Insurance?
        Their intent is to indoctrinate the masses. They won’t be concerned with LITTLE schools until they have control.
        A few years back, I saw a picture of a young attractive Israeli female school teacher on the play ground with her class. He had her REAL automatic rifle on her shoulder. And the kids were at total ease. Why? Because they recognize that she was a good person with a gun there for their protection.
        I know. YOu agree with me. I was just adding this in as an indication that “scared” children are the results of indoctrination.

  • donemyhomework

    I like it, a hands on approach to self defense. There is no .Morbidity to the approach, just the simple fact that students at school should be safe,


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