In a sign of changing times, Kentucky tears down a statue

May 2, 2016

After facing decades of protest against a statue commemorating Confederate Civil War soldiers, the University of Louisville, Kentucky, announced Friday that the monument would be moved.

Although Kentucky, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, was never an official part of the Confederate States of America, many Kentuckians did fight for the Confederate side during the Civil War. The monument, which depicts a Confederate soldier, honors these men.

The announcement that the statue would be removed delighted many who have spent years advocating for its removal.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am,” said University of Louisville professor Ricky Jones after Friday’s announcement. “I think this statue being on the campus is somewhat akin to flying the Confederate flag over the [university’s] administration building.”

  • Wambli525

    Total stupidity and history is rewritten again. The civil war was not fought over slavery; It was fought over a States right to succeed from the union. Lincoln’s initial “freeing”of slaves (residing is selected states in the South) was a tactical move by to help disrupt the Souths economy and help win the war for the North.
    The question of succession was not explicitly addressed in the Constitution and was intentionally left open to interpretation. (Please remember the British colonies did indeed succeeded from Great Britain.) Thus Southern States fed up with an oppressive federal government chose to succeed and form a new government more to their liking.
    The civil war cost the lives of 600,000 Americans from both sides of the succession question. History was rewritten to celebrate the Lincoln myth of fighting that war to “free the salves” and fools do everything possible to perpetuate that myth.

    • billorights

      You seem to know your history, but please bone up on your spelling. It’s “seceding”, not “succeeding”, and “secession”, not “succession”. These are entirely different words with entirely different meanings. Also Lincoln freed the slaves, not the “salves”. But you probably already knew that.

      • Wambli525

        Thanks for the comment … sorry for the inconvenience. You are correct. The info was entered on a borrowed device which was a pain to use and inserted words that were not intended. Obviously not not read before posting. So thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

  • justinwachin

    If someone is basing their happiness or lack thereof on a statue they need to get mental counseling. Revisionism is running rampant today. Many of these same people would march if someone tried to ban Obama’s book or some other liberal writing; yet they have no problem banning a statue. They are just as evil as the book banner they would demonize. The only difference is the object they wish to ban.

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    ReWriting HISTORY sounds like actions by ISIS or ISL as Imon Soeto calls em’!
    (same “mIND set” that puts 20 yr. old men in shower with little girls!)

  • game50

    American history being destroy… that’s the way it was and not longer is…we have moved on and learned from our past… it is our past not our present….enough of the Illegal Fraud in our W.H. changing American History.

  • gf

    If it bothers the groids, go some place else, ass holes! Well, we will see if the Alumni and others, withhold contributions to the U of L, in protest. When Ole Miss, took down the state flag, there were severe repercussions. I for one, used to donate. I would not give them, the time of day, as it were.

  • Bert

    Why was the War of Northern Aggression fought? It was fought because the basic creed of state’s rights was being threatened by a federal government becoming too invasive on the states. What we have today, is the exact result of the South losing the conflict!

    • Rodney Steward

      Not losing, just some are kissing the White house thugs!

  • Bill

    How sad that the PC is destroying American history. While I’m not from the south, but the confederate states and leaders are and always will be a part of American history. Is Political Correctness going to far? As a nation are we so thin skinned we must erase history or sweep it under the carpet and hope we don’t offend someone?
    It really is time to take back our country as the PC group are the racists, filled with contempt and hate for Americans.

    • Rodney Steward

      Political Correctness went to far 6 years ago, and all this to kiss the black a$$ and rubbing SH in the faces of the people in the South! This is the Heritage of the South and we’re to forget it, don’t think so! Don’t know why the blacks hate this, even under slavery they live better than they did in the mud huts that by the way their so called people STILL live in for over a thousand years, but they can blame their own race that started slavery!

      • gf


    • judge45colt

      pretty soon they will say the Civil War never happened

      • Bill

        Or the American Revolution

  • judge45colt

    for every civil war statue removed, they need to remove a martin lucifer queen (luther king) statue. he raises as much hate if not more

    • Bert

      The reason we have such division in this country is because Dr. Martin Luther King was snuffed out, and his dream of a unified country was lost. Listen to his “I Have a Dream” speech. Open your mind just a little.

      • Rodney Steward

        A lot like the Change speech! As long as people keep having things SHOVED down their throats all the time people will never have a open mind!


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