In California, nearly ironclad decades-old water rights halted amid lingering drought

June 13, 2015

California Drought Water Cuts-1SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Despite California’s drought, Richard and Danna Jones’ cattle grazing pasture has stayed green thanks to water flowing free from a gulch claimed by his grandfather in 1911.

Their nearly ironclad right to water was suspended Friday when state regulators ordered them to stop taking the water for their rural property east of Redding. They are among more than 100 senior water rights holders told for the first time in decades that major waterways in California’s agriculture-rich Central Valley are too dry to meet demand, but aren’t expected to be the last.

“The place is going to look like hell,” said Danna Jones. She and her husband depend on money from letting cattle graze on their land to pay off property taxes.

  • carpkiller

    Ypu need to some up to date research. You also sound like a carp eater.

  • ThreeQuarterTon

    The moron/beaurocrats calling for this should be suspended , by ROPES ! Unfortunately the lions share of our FOOD comes from that area .If they don’t have enough water we will be seeing HUGE RISES in FOOD PRICES! If we can even get food! Growers HAVE TO HAVE WATER to grow the food we consume both plants and animals !

  • collinspa

    It is time we start building desalination plants off the coasts to obtain usable water.

    • nevergivein

      I agree then, we would have Obama claiming he is responsible for stopping the rising sea levels. lol

  • carpkiller

    Man made chemtrails. Altering weather by the head weatherman. obama. Part of the down fall of America.

    • punisher

      i’m a retiered commerical flight engineer. those are condensation trails.
      chemicals would evaporate above 2000 feet before it hit the ground. your reading bull shit.stop eating carp.

      • Rattlerjake

        For a “commerical (sic) flight engineer” you aren’t very bright. Condensation dissipates rather quickly as is is nothing but water vapor. Chemtrails, or geoengineering, uses chemicals and metals that remain in the atmosphere far longer, these chemicals have been found in the soil, water, and food in the areas that they are released. They are what is creating the abnormal weather patterns all over the world. It doesn’t take a genius to research it and find that this is all about inducing government controls, which by the way is working flawlessly in Mexifornia.

  • ToniStimmel

    I guess we’re stuck, if the drought goes on the crops will all fail (bad) and the so-called people will contaminate the whole country (worst).

    • punisher

      watching the weather channel, they said 2016 we here in California will have an El Nino and should bring us a lot of rain.

      • ToniStimmel

        I liked Lex Luthor’s solution better.

  • reagangs

    What does one expect from a demowit state that’s in bed with the UNs Agenda21 and a fed administration that panders to them. The Agenda21s official declaration is to claim all water ways under their jurisdiction and place each nation as a regulator of such, even the rain from your roof and runoff from your property cannot be collected for your use. This criminal act on one of our nations “bread basket” producers of food will cause a claim by the fed of our need to open trade to other countries for food. Underhanded at best, criminal and unpatriotic at worst. The EPA and BLM and other “land management” agencies and the radical environ-mental wackos are determined to regulate all of private property within the US of A come hell or high water, screw our Constitution. Obummer and his minions, the UN and EU elite, plan on rewriting or completely destroying our Constitution and instituting communism. You heard it here, first. Your welcome.

    • Jarhead

      The Left Coast has needed to construct water reservoirs for over 65 years…….are the politicians stupid, brain-damaged, corrupt or on hard drugs? Select any two.

      • ToniStimmel

        Why select two when all four will do?

  • Webb

    Plenty of water for the Smelt…???

    • Ole SC

      And damn Politicians!!

      • Webb

        Very True…

    • Jarhead

      I thought they wanted to save the Snail Dart? Didn’t more than half the species on earth disappear before man even came on the scene? These fruitcake environmentalist must induce personal organisms when they speak with their heads so firmly planted in the confines of their colon?

      • Webb

        Waiting on the next species to be saved in California, The Common
        Earth Worm…Which by the way, seems to be The Democrats in California, have
        only the brain matter of the earth worm!

        • Ole SC

          For God’s sake don’t save the Liberals!!!!

        • California Chromeless

          The lowly earthworm turns waste into useful nurient for plants. Democrats turn resources into S_ _ T. Seems they are a little farther down the evolutionary ladder.

    • punisher

      OLE Jerry BROWN got an ear full from me for dumping our fresh water IN TO THE BAY AREA OCEAN FOR THAT STUPID BAIT FISH. it’s a plan to control our water and make more money.mother fucker is causing this drought !!

  • DPMP

    The state should suspend their taxes until they get their water back.
    Fairs, Fairs.


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