‘Intelligent’ Street Lights Will Watch Your Every Move

by InfoWars  |  published on April 17, 2015

bigbrotherThe Jacksonville, Florida, city government is preparing to install more than 50 “intelligent” streetlights under a new General Electric pilot program.

In accordance with the “GE Intelligent City Initiate,” the “data-collecting” LED streetlights will be placed throughout the city’s downtown and surrounding areas.

According to a Thursday morning presentation by GE, the lights will be “interconnected with one another and will collect real-time data,” as reported by the Jacksonville Business Journal.

“GE’s intelligent LEDs are a gateway to city-changing technology, with sensors, controls, wireless transmitters and microprocessors built within the LED system,” GE states.

Once collected, GE’s “Predix software” will analyze the data in real-time, providing the city with an array of information.

“Predix, GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet, collects and analyzes data from these components, delivering optimized tools that respond to city challenges,” GE says.

  • GE, the company on the Barry Soetero (Obama) payroll. Why would Jacksonville do this to its citizens? It makes no sense to have a private company or a government agency spy on its citizens.

    • Bob

      It’s just like the T.V. program “Blacklist”
      In the future we won’t need any elected officials, Just go talk to a lamp post.
      Actually it’s just about the same as talking to some of our elected representatives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sigrid

        You got that right!

  • Jerry Y.

    people need to wake up! first the government spies on you now the states want to track your every move with streetlights, car insurance companies want you to plug a little device into your car so they can track how you drive saying it will save you money but drive a little over the speed limit or take off a little too fast and your rates will go up, auto makers are putting more computer tracking in the cars that report not only your cars status but how you drive where you’re at and where you’re going, soon the police won’t be looking for people speeding you will just get a ticket in the mail no need for cameras your car will report you to the police and their computer will issue a ticket!

  • empty pockets

    Is this the same GE that took $2 billion in “stimulus” money (payola) to create jobs…in China and India, made record profits then paid zero taxes? The same one who pushed for incandescent bans (because of global warming) so their CFL’s (which had less competition and more profit) would be the only option (at the time LEDs weren’t marketable and the ban was supposed to reach all incandescents eventually)? Yeah…nice folks there at GE, snuggled up with Barry and his bunch of socialist progressive corruptocrats.

    Glad I’d already stopped buying anything made by them. Probably has spyware in it…or soon will.

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