Iowa GOP cancels 2015 Straw Poll amid waning interest from candidates

by David Sherfinski - The Washington Times  |  published on June 12, 2015

GOP_2016_Iowa.JPEG-09f9a_c0-251-3686-2399_s561x327The Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee dealt the final fatal blow to the 2015 Iowa Straw Poll, unanimously voting Friday morning to cancel the event.

The party had been working to overhaul the format of the event, an Iowa staple since 1979 that has presented an unofficial kickoff to the presidential campaign season in the early caucus state.

“I’ve said since December that we would only hold a straw poll if the candidates wanted one, and this year that is just not the case,” party chairman Jeff Kaufmann said in a statement. “This step, while extremely distasteful for those of us who love the Straw Poll, is necessary to strengthen our first in the nation status and ensure our future nominee has the best chance possible to take back the White House in 2016.”

  • KentS

    One less poll works for me.

  • reagangs

    Sounds like a lot of double talk ….like the WH and their snake oil salesman.

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