Iowan accused of desecrating US flag in oil pipeline protest

by Associated Press |  |  published on August 15, 2016

SOMERS, Iowa – An Iowa man who flew a U.S. flag upside down under a Chinese flag to protest future placement of an oil pipeline near his home has been charged with desecrating the American banner.

Homer Martz told The Messenger the pipeline will be placed without his consent next to the well supplying his Calhoun County home south of Somers. Under Iowa law flag desecration is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail.

Martz noted on a sign that China has no freedom and told the newspaper he would have taken down the flags if he’d known about the law. Court records don’t show his trial date.

  • Dave Pacheco

    The Iowa law is quite clearly unconstitutional, and the case has already been thrown out. See here:

  • Robert McFate

    He was just trying to show what has been happening to our country! Foreigners are buying up way to much gain control over what is done in those areas!

  • Tiger
  • Tiger

    Until America is once again the Republic it was meant to be this will continue.

    There is no respect for anything American anymore.

  • Bond, James Bond

    For further information, look up, read, and then try to interpret the Iowa law. Good luck…

    Iowa Code 718A.1 DEFINITIONS. and

    Section 718.A1 consists of 342 words & two period punctuation marks. IMHO, the photo in this article doesn’t seem to match any of the necessary elements. With the definition of “contempt” being the closest, can the gubmint show evidence that the flag was treated ‘roughly’? Gubmint is, at the least, being heavy handed on Mr. Martz, (as there is an ongoing protest about the pipeline and its privatized interests), especially since there has been case law that supports the First Amendment right of free speech, even if a person’s particular treatment of the U.S. flag seems objectionable to the majority of society. See Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989) for one example.

    Now, flying that other flag of that other nation above Old Glory is another topic altogether, but that particular distasteful and disrespectful act does not seem to be covered by this Iowa Code section.

  • Rodney Steward

    If he’d been black, nothing would have ever been said at all! But our flag should have been on TOP!!

  • wcplace

    This is a clear case of double standards being applied, ALL GUBMINTS are OUT of control. What in the hell will be next?!

  • SD of AZ

    The idiot deserves his punishment but when is congress gonna punish this administration for it’s disrespect as well? Rinos and dem wit dems have got to go. In AZ Sinema has to go. Can’t believe her constituents believed she would do anything but follow the party line which she did lock step and in format! She lies as good as the rinos, McCain and Flakey are excellent examples of that!

  • Oldtymepatriot

    Flying the American flag under the flag of “an evil empire” is most certainly desecration. If he had just flown our flag upside down alone, I would say he was legitimately protesting.
    If he is charged, then why haven’t all of the radical left wing and environmental whacko’s been charged as well, do they get a free pass?

    • Heatherdkane1

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  • msueh

    Pooh. I’ve flown my flag upside down since øvømit took office; its an historical sign of distress. Of course, I do not fly the Chinese flag above Old Glory…

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